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Friday, April 12, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

How To Control The Impact Of Bright Sunshine While Driving In Summer?

How To Control The Impact Of Bright Sunshine While Driving In Summer?

Undoubtedly, driving a personal car during any season and any time has its own pleasure, but still, there are certain situations from which every car owner has to cope with. If there is a problem in driving during the fog in winter, it is difficult to drive during the bright sunshine of the hot summer. Driving in both these conditions is not only problematic but also there are chances of an accident.
Protecting from the sun glare
So, the question arises that how we can cope with such conditions, as in the current scenario, with the temperature rising every day the car drivers have to encounter with the bright sunshine while driving during the noon time. To cope with this problem there are certain precautions which could offer relaxation not only to your eyes but also protect you from an accident.
1. Clean the windscreen properly. Cleaning the windscreen means cleaning it from both the sides because the dust on windscreen magnifies the glare of sunlight.
2. Replace the damaged wiper blades and keep the washer bottle always filled for removing the dust while driving at highways.
3. Check the cracks on the windscreen and try to get them replaced, even if it is small in size.
4. Do not forget to carry the screen wash of high quality for removing the dust and other elements from the windscreen.
5. Do not forget to make use of a sun visor, at the time when the sun directly starts affecting your vision. It is seen that lots of drivers forget to make use of the sun visor.
6. Put on the polarized sunglasses of good quality to cope with the sun glare.
7. During the evening hours especially between 4 p.m to 6 p.m, when the sun starts setting the glare starts coming down at the high speed, at that time it would be better to maintain the substantial difference between the steering wheel and your seat. Doing this will help in minimizing the reflection of the sun. 
Keeping these precautions in concern while driving in the summer will help you in driving safe during the afternoon and protect you from the sun glare.

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