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Friday, January 25, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

How To Drive Safe During Pregnancy?

How To Drive Safe During Pregnancy?

Being pregnant is pride for every woman, but, it doesn’t mean that they should restrict themselves from enjoying the fun of partying with their friends or go out to spend some quality time with relatives. In-fact going for short weekend vacations is regarded as the best way of living happy and good for the health of a child. In fact, even doctors also recommend doing regular activities normally without making any hurry. However, while doing your normal stuff it is suggested to follow precautions, especially in doing things like driving, which could dangerous for both the mother and child.
Although, there are not any special precautions determined by the doctors for the would-be mothers for driving, but, if you go through the statistics of the people died in car accidents, you will notice that about 2 lakh women were found on the driver seat during a car crash. This figure undoubtedly raises the concern towards the safety of pregnant women while driving. It would be surprising to know that during the pregnancy the shape of body changes and that requires the woman to be seated comfortably and therefore, some precautions should be followed while driving during the pregnancy.
Some of these precautions are referred below:
Seat Belt: It is seen that lots of women avoid putting the seat belt if they have to drive at the short distance. This, although, is a common practice followed by almost all of us, but can be risky, especially if you are pregnant. Moving ahead it is also seen that lots of pregnant women do not wear the seat belt properly. Doing, both these mistakes could be dangerous and should be strictly avoided. You should put on the belt properly and try to remove extra clothing from your body while driving so that the belt does not cross your belly and protects the body of your child from any damage.
Speed: Whether you are driving through heavy traffic area or at the highway, try to drive according to the traffic conditions. Undoubtedly, the highway is meant for driving at high speed, but, despite of this, the drivers are recommended to drive under the limit. The same principle follows on a woman, especially when she is pregnant.
Drive in a relaxed mood: If you are tired or do not find yourself suitable for driving, it would be better to not drive. Because, driving in such a physical state might result in an accident, as, you might start feeling drowsiness while driving. Instead, of that, try to rest for a while and refresh yourself and then move ahead.
Alignment of seat: Always make sure that the driver seat is properly aligned and it is easier for you to retain proper control over your vehicle. Also make sure that there is substantial space between the steering wheel and the upper portion of your body and your legs could easily reach the brake and clutch pedals, without any trouble.
Keeping, these factors in concern you can easily enjoy the pre-delivery phase of your life without any complexity.

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