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Friday, June 28, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

How To Enjoy Flawless Drive Of Your Car For Years To Come?

How To Enjoy Flawless Drive Of Your Car For Years To Come?

Dynamic hike in the income, interesting finance schemes offered  by the financial institutions and huge options of different cars available in the market has emerged as a bonus for new car buyers in India. As an impact of all these factors India is regarded as one of the fastest growing car markets across the world by the major car manufacturers, with thousands of cars sold during the year. 
But, buying a car is not enough until unless the owner do not maintain it properly, because despite of various lucrative financial schemes available in the market, but a personal car is not as easy as buying a pair of shoe. Therefore, to enjoy a flawless drive of the car for the years to come it is imperative to look after its proper maintenance, this however, does not mean that by cleaning your car both internally and externally and filling the fuel and checking the pressure is enough for its proper maintenance. When it comes towards the maintenance of the car it means looking after its overall components and their functionality. For this it imperative to follow the tips that are helpful in retaining the good condition of the car, so that you do not face any complexity in driving it for many years to come.
Maruti Suzuki Ignis
Paint: You will agree that a bright and shining paint of the car grabs the attention of the people at first instance, moreover the fade color of the car is an indication that the owner is not paying any attention towards it. To protect your car from fading due to sunlight it is better to apply wax polish over its paint at the regular intervals and keep it looking shining and new for many years.
Air conditioner: You will agree that nowadays going through the increasing pollution the temperature across the world is hiking, and it becomes quite laborious to drive the car during the hot summer days. This also puts extra burden on the air conditioner of your car and it has work hard for cooling the interior of your car. It is recommended to change and upgrade the coolant regularly and also keep the system checked properly by an expert technician with the arrival of summer. 
Filters: Air filters play an important role in not only offering the improved fuel efficiency of your vehicle, but also enhancing the life of the engine. Replacing the old filters accordingly can be regarded as an important maintenance tip to improve the health of your car.
Engine: If engine is the heart of your car, then oil is the blood, that flows across all the parts under bonnet. To enjoy the smooth performance of the engine it is better to change the oil after driving the car for a specified number of kilometers.
Gear Oil and brake oil: Along with engine oil, changing the gear oil and brake oil according to the scheduled timing is the best practice to enhance the life of your car’s mechanism.
Rubber Boots and Bearing: Replacing the wheel bearings and rubber boots on CV joints can also result in improving the condition of your car for enjoying its drive with any complexity.
Following the above maintenance tips can be helpful in enhancing the life of your car and keep your car look new for the years to come.

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