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Friday, May 12, 2017

By Carkhabri Team

How to Keep the Car Cool During Summer

How to Keep the Car Cool During Summer

Despite of the fact that the cars of today’s generation are miles ahead from their predecessors when it comes to integration of comfort and luxurious features, but still these features cannot fight with the nature and therefore depending upon the environmental conditions the drivers have to make necessary arrangements in their car. However, it doesn’t imply that the luxurious features offered in cars are not able to offer the services according to their feature, but still there are certain atmospheric conditions with which the drivers have to cope with. 
Let us for instance say driving during the months of summer is always painful, especially if you live in the northern parts of the country, in cities of this region if you have an air conditioner in your car then undoubtedly you can enjoy the pleasure of smooth driving without concerning the high degree of temperature existing out of your car. But, still there are various times when you have to enter inside your car especially when it is parked below the sun. If you have entered in the car that has been parked just for an hour below the sun, then you must know the feeling as soon as you enter inside the car and till it gets in getting cool. Well this is just an illustration, there are various problems which sometimes make driving summer an irritating task. Let us today focus on some of the factors which can help us in enjoying soothing drive of our car even when the sun is at its peak.
Park Car Below Shade
1. Servicing the air conditioner: There are lots of people who think that air conditioned installed in the car is different from the one installed at their home and therefore do not pay attention towards its functioning. Whereas the fact is that it also requires servicing from time a blocked filter or less percentage of refrigerant gas results in less cooling. Getting the level of refrigerant gas topped up helps in fast cooling.
2. Keep the windows your car slightly opened: As a general practice the best way to keep the temperature inside the unaffected from the exterior heat is to park it at under some shade. But, every time you cannot find the shade for parking, especially when you are in market, in that circumstance the best way is to keep the windows of car slight opened in cross ventilation. One thing which you need to keep in concern is not do scroll down window much as it might affect the security of valuable items placed inside your car.
3. Cover the steering wheel with piece of cloth: Keeping the windows slightly opened helps in keeping the smooth flow of air within your car and keeps the temperature cool, but it doesn’t protect the interior parts from getting hot by the sunlight. Especially the steering wheel get too hot to touch and therefore to get rid of this problem the best way is to cover the steering wheel with napkin or some piece of cloth.
Keep Your Car Cool During the Summer
4. Keep your stuffs in glove box: There are lots of items like MP3 players, sunglasses, mobiles etc, which people used to keep in their car while they go anywhere, more importantly the CDs, sunglasses etc. These items when come in direct contact with sunlight get damaged and indirectly shift you towards unwanted expenses in buying the new ones. It would be better to keep these items in the glove box of your car.
5. Carry a sunshade: Apart from keeping the windows of car slightly opened while parking it below the sun, placing sunshade over the windows from inside will also help in keeping your car cool to huge extent.
6. Cover the seats with some cloth: Apart from steering wheel, seat of your car also get too hot when they come in contact with direct sunlight, especially the leather seats. To protect the seats from getting hot it would  be better to cover them with some cloth or bed sheet will protect the seats from getting hot to certain extent.
Keeping these factors in consideration will help you in keeping your cool from inside, even when the temperature is above 40 degree during the peak summers. 

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