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Friday, April 03, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

How To Keep Your Car Healthy During Lockdown?

How To Keep Your Car Healthy During Lockdown?

There is no denying that the current period is crucial for the whole world with hundreds of new suspects being detected by the doctors, the roots of COVID-19 are extending their reach deeper with each passing day. The pandemic has not only affected human life but also the economic condition of the various countries, transportation has been restricted by the individual governments of the countries due to intensive lockdown. We are confined to our home, as it is the only we can control the spread of this virus and protect our lives from its grip. But, this at the same time is also creating lots of problems for people, especially for the vulnerable sections of society. Well for the government is taking all the possible actions to protect their interest.
This, however, doesn’t mean that the middle class or upper-middle-class people are enjoying the situation by sitting in their homes. They are also suffering from different problems at their end and fighting against the situation. Between, these days of struggle besides looking after other issues one thing towards which most people do not pay attention is maintaining their vehicles including cars, scooters, and motorcycles. As you are not using them due to the existing situation of lockdown, now using them for a long time could affect the machinery of your vehicle. Below are some simple tips which should keep in concern to keep the mechanism of your car updated so that when you drive it for going to your office after lockdown, you need not have to seek the help of a car technician.
1. Park your car safely in the covered area, in case if you do not have a garage or an area with strong cover, try to cover the car. Doing this will protect the exterior paint of your car from fading due to sunlight and also from the droppings of birds. Also make sure that you remove the leaves and flowers from the cover daily, as they also contain bacteria that could be harmful to your health. Moving ahead do not leave any kind of foodstuff inside the cabin, as this can impress the rodents and also leave irritating smell after spoiling.
2. Disconnect the battery of your car for the period till you will not drive it. Doing this will protect your car’s battery from discharging. Anyhow, if you are not able to disconnect the battery, start the car once between every 4-5 days. While doing this, this also switch on the air conditioner with the blower on, this will help in throwing the dust and other elements from the cabin.
Car battery
3. Do not engage the parking brake if you are parking the car for a long period. Instead of that, use the wheel chocks like placing the brick or heavy piece of wood for stopping the car from rolling back.
4. Try to maintain the full tank, because due to less fuel, there are chances that the air existing between the level of petrol and the lock of the petrol tank will develop the condensation which could be harmful to your car. This can result in the emergence of rusting.
5. Ensure that the pressure in the tires is appropriate and they are inflated properly because if the car remains idle for a long time, the pressure of tires disappears resulting the damage to the sidewalls. If possible move the car forward and backward while you switch it on during the lockdown.
Following these simple steps will help in keeping the machinery of your car functioning smoothly without any issue.

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