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Friday, September 29, 2017

By Carkhabri Team

How to make claim for auto Insurance?

How to make claim for auto Insurance?

Being a car enthusiast you must be aware about the benefits for having the car insurance, moreover as it mandatory by the government for sometimes lots of car owners unwillingly get their car insured by them. The logic which they give for not having the car insurance is that they driver slow and do not take any risk while driving so that it might hit to another car. Apart from this they make lots of excuses for not getting the insurance of car. And therefore such people understand the relevance of car insurance when unfortunately when face any financial loss in form of damage to their car during an accident. But as most of the car owners are not aware about the process of making the claim for insurance they are compelled to pay money for repairs from their pocket.
Therefore, going through the concern of our visitors today we are going discuss the process of claiming for insurance money after you have face any type of financial or physical loss in an accident.
The most important thing to know about car insurance is the type of insurance that you have for your car. As a general practice there are two types of car insurance (1) comprehensive insurance and (2) third party insurance.  Under comprehensive insurance the insured is authorized to claim for damages on his car, along with it also covers payment of damages to both the car and life to the third party, if your car has smashed to another car.  On the other side, third party insurance is determined to bear any type of damage to the third party who had suffered because of your mistake. In India it is mandatory for car drivers to atleast third party insurance for their car in case they do not wish to go for comprehensive insurance.
Process of claiming insurance money:
1. During an accident: In case if you have comprehensive insurance of your car then you just need to call your insurance company and the local police and tell them about the accident. It would be better to not move your vehicle from the place of an accident until you are not advised to do so from police station and insurance company as it might create the problem in making the claim. Because after the accident the surveyor from insurance company will visit the place of an accident and assess the value of damage to your car and finally grant the permission to get your car repaired. Now it is up-to you that you wait for getting the money of claim from the insurance company before repairing or get the car repaired at your own expenses and get the bill reimbursed by the insurance company. Anyhow if you do not want to use your comprehensive policy then you can sue against the driver of other car and claim from third party insurance. While claiming insurance from third party you will be required to make the claim in front of Motor Accident Claims Tribunal along with the copies of FIR to the police station, report of surveyor from insurance company etc. During the whole process your insurance company will not help you and therefore you will have to follow the whole process at your end, which could be quite daunting for you. It therefore is advised to not make the claim from third party insurance until there is any type of unfortunate physical loss.
2. During theft: In case if your car is stolen, you should immediately move to your closest police station and file an FIR about theft, with this you should also inform the insurance company. Along with this you should also inform the regional transport office about the theft with the supporting documents including copy of FIR, registration certificate of the car, and papers of insurance policy. In case if police department is not able to track your vehicle, it will issue the non traceable report to the insurance company after you will be liable to get the claim from the insurance company. However, while getting the claim from insurance company you will have to handover the key with the letter of subrogation. Anyhow if you had bought the car on finance then insurance company will reimburse the claim to finance company.
We hope that you would have found this information helpful in enhancing your knowledge about the process of making the claim for insurance.

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