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Friday, April 09, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

How To Stay Safe While Driving Safe In Summer?

How To Stay Safe While Driving Safe In Summer?

The season of summer has almost knocked to most of the countries across the globe and people have started making plans for going out on holidays with family and friends. While some will be travelling abroad to different locations, some will be travelling in nearby places through their car. Although driving in summer is not a laborious task anymore with the cars of today’s generation, there are certain tips that need to be kept in concern for staying safe to avoid any trouble in the middle of your journey. Some of these tips are mentioned below and which you should follow to avoid any unexpected problem.
Servicing: Servicing of the car from time to time is as necessary as filling petrol and therefore should not be ignored. There is nothing worst to drive in summer without an air conditioner and therefore it is necessary that you get the air conditioner of your car inspected at the earliest with the arrival of summer. Get the air conditioner filter replaced regularly and check the level of the gas to enjoy full cooling. Similarly, you should also ensure that the level of the coolant is also up to the mark so that the engine remains cool while driving across the start-stop traffic.
Short breaks while driving: The chances of getting fatigued while driving during the summer is more than compared to winter, especially during the long journey. It is important to rest a while for a few minutes after every two to three hours. If someone in your group knows driving then it is better to let him drive the car and take some rest for a few minutes. Driving the car in a fresh mood is always the safe option.
Tires: Driving the car with worn-out tires during the summer is always a dangerous deal, especially the inflated worn-out tires. The chances of bursting such tires are more during the hot summer days and may be responsible for a serious accident. To protect yourself from such unfortunate incidences it is better to replace the worn-out tires and check their pressure at regular intervals.
Avoid the change in temperature: The presence of an air conditioner has become the necessity of time in the cars of today’s generation. Coming out of the car immediately from an air conditioner can be harmful to your health. Similarly, the entrance of hot waves in the car at the time of exit may result crack on the windscreen. To get rid of this problem it is recommended to minimize the cooling for a few minutes before coming out from the car. Also, pull down the windows to let down the air move in the cabin, so that the temperature level stays constant at the time you stop the car. Follow the same procedure after you return back to your car. Don’t switch on the air conditioner immediately at the full speed after coming from outside. Drive your car with windows down for a few minutes and then switch on the air conditioner at a lower speed and increase the cooling after touching the normal speed mark.
Minimize the speed of the fan: Once the cabin of your car is totally chilled bring down the speed of the fan to the lowest level. Running the fan at a high speed will uselessly increase the noise inside the cabin. Similarly, if you think that the temperature inside the cabin is getting high, increase the speed of the fan to the optimum level to make it cool again.
Parking under shade: The temperature inside the car gets high quickly within a few minutes when parked directly in the direct sunlight. Try to park the car under the shade so that the temperature inside the car remains constant. Also, pull down the windows to a few millimetres so that wind keeps on moving inside the cabin, and helps in retaining the temperature.
These are certain tips which you should keep in concern to avoid any trouble while driving in hot summer days.

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