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Friday, September 08, 2017

By Carkhabri Team

How To Use Cell Phone Car Charger

How To Use Cell Phone Car Charger

In current scenario cell phone has become the life line of the generation that we cannot imagine how are life would have been without them? The cell phones today have not only become the source of staying connected with family, relatives and friends but also as the source of entertainment which is capable of performing various other functions. The ability of accessing emails and performing various online activities varying from banking to shopping has given new dimensions to the functionalities of phone. 
Interestingly with each passing day the cell phones are being upgraded with new features and functions. This not only in increasing our dependence on the phones but also increasing the consumption of battery installed in the phone. Due to which it becomes imperative for the person to keep his smartphone always charged to enjoy the flawless services of his phone. The necessity of charged phone increases more while you are travelling out of your town. Although going through the concern of phones users towards discharging of the phone during the journey different types of portable cell phone chargers are available in market, but as all people are not aware about the appropriate use of these charger they are not able to make its full utilization. On the contrary due to lack of proper knowledge of these portable cell phone chargers they are unwillingly affecting the battery of their car and affecting its power efficiency.
It would therefore be better to keep certain factors in concern while using the cell phone car charger. These factors are referred below:
1. Remove the charger when it is not in use: If you are not charging your phone or have charged the phone, it would be better to unplug the charger from the port if you are not using it further. Leaving the phone charger plugged in the port will start draining the battery of car and even reduce its power if the engine of your car is not running.  Today however, the cell phone car chargers available in market are enriched with the feature that protects the car battery from drainage and depleting. 
2. Don’t degrade the battery of your cell phone: The best way to charge the battery of your phone is only when it is fully discharged. But as lots of persons are highly concerned about their calls that they keep on regularly charging their phone as soon as they notice decrease of few percentage in the battery. To enjoy the long lasting use of phone’s battery it is advised to charge it only when its battery is about to discharge. Doing this will enhance the life of battery.
3. Switch off the phone while charging: The best way to charge cell phone through car charger is to switch off the phone. This minimizes the power consumption of your phone to zero, this will help in charging your phone more instantly.
4. Check the compatibility of all devices: When you buy the cell phone charger for your use it is obvious it will be also used by other members of the family accompanying you in journey. Therefore before buying any type of charger make sure that it will be compatible to all devices owned by your family members.

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