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Friday, May 11, 2018

By CarKhabri Team

Important Accessories That Should Be Always Kept in the Car

Important Accessories That Should Be Always Kept in the Car

Driving a personal car has its own pleasure and therefore for every person his car is the best vehicle in the world. But, as unfortunate time do not knocks your door before arrival similarly despite of driving a branded car you do not know when it might put you in trouble. You are going out for a weekend with your family and suddenly the tyre of your car gets punctured, this could be undoubtedly an irritating situation of everyone. But more irritating situation could be when you do not find a puncture kit in your car and there could be any worst situation if there is no puncture repair shop at the place. It is the time when either you have to park your car on side and ask for help from the commuters or drive the car with punctured tyre to repair shop. 
Well, this is the one situation when despite of driving a luxurious car you might face some problem, there are lots of situations when due to absence of some mandatory accessory you may find yourself caught in some difficult situation. To protect our esteemed readers from such problems we are trying to list out some necessary accessories which they should carry with them in their car.
1. Puncture Kit: In recent years with increasing use of tubeless tires lots of motorists do not care to carry a puncture repair kit in their car. Because they can still drive to puncture repair shop by driving a tubeless car. Whereas the fact is that carrying a puncture kit is mandatory for every car owner, because if you do not find a puncture repair shop on your way then undoubtedly it is going to affect the tyre. On the other side if you have a kit in your car then you can easily replace the punctured tyre with the spare one.
Car Puncture Kit
2. GPS Navigators: In recent years there been an increase in the number of car burglary cases. The cars parked in lonely area are always in the eyes of burglars and despite of installing various protective measure they are stolen. Interestingly going through this concern of the car owners nowadays trend of installing GPS navigation has emerged as the standard step adopted by the car manufacturers. The GPS system installed in the car is always connected with the satellite and therefore it is easier to trace the location of the stolen vehicle and also it guides you to locate your destination if you are going to some unknown place.
Car GPS Navigator
3. Parking sensors and cameras: Nowaday going through the increasing number of vehicles and population parking the vehicle has become a daunting task, especially when you have to bring out your vehicle from the parked location. Installing the parking sensors are helpful in making the commuters aware about the particular object coming out from the parking space, the cameras are helpful in giving the exact view of rear side.
Car Parking Sensors
4. Tire inflator and pressure gauge: Like a puncture kit, tire inflator and pressure gauge also constitutes an important part of your car accessory. If you have gone out of town for long time and after return you find the tires of your car are flat, you cannot drive them out until unless you fill them with necessary air pressure. To avoid such problem having a tire inflator and pressure gauge will help you in getting rid of the problem with little investment.
Car Tire Inflator and Pressure Gauge
5. Window treatments: Going through the increasing number in the incidences of kidnapping and rapes in running vehicles government has restricted the use of black sheets on all type of four wheelers. But driving a vehicle in hot summer is quite difficult despite of having a powerful air conditioner installted in the car. Interestignly still there are various protective measures like transparent shades and curtains which are helpful in offering relaxation from ultra-violet heat of the sun during the summer season.
6. Upgrading the horn: With increasing number of traffic on the roads, the single horn set up installed in the four wheelers is not enough to make the people driving ahead aware about the following vehicle. To combat the problem it would  be better to upgrade the horn set up of your car with dual horn.
Car Horn Upgrade
7. Vaccum Cleaner: Cleaning car from the exterior is not a difficult task, but removing its dust from the interior is always a daunting task. Moreover nowadays going through the trend of eating while driving lots of food stuff’s fall inside the car making it inhygenic. The combination of dust particulars and food stuff’s are enough to spread bacteria in the interiors of the car. Having a vaccum cleaner will help you in cleaning the every corner of the interior from the depth and keep you protected from being caught by any physical problem.
Car Vaccum Cleaner

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