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Friday, October 09, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

Indian Car Industry Ready To Adopt The Future Mobility Solutions

Indian Car Industry Ready To Adopt The Future Mobility Solutions

In recent years the Indian car market has emerged as one of the fastest car growing markets in the entire world. Therefore, as soon as any new car is launched in the international market it also launched in the Indian car market within a year. The major reason behind this shift is mainly the interference of the government, and acceptance of the new technologies by the major car manufacturers. Although, at the same time they also believe that in changing scenario, they need to upgrade themselves accordingly to stay in competition with international manufacturers.
Electric Mobility: The acceptance of electric mobility has emerged as one of the biggest challenges in front of the Indian auto industry. In recently held conference by the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association, Mr Guenter Butschek, Managing Director and Chief Executive of Tata Motors said, “that automakers need to explore new technologies and focus on start-ups as the industry needs to learn to take risks”. Interestingly, despite differences between the top Indian leaders on the matter, not only the people but also the car manufacturers are aware of the fact and moving towards the adaptation of the new technologies.
It would be interesting to know that the home-grown carmaker Mahindra & Mahindra has been manufacturing the electric vehicles in India from nine years. During this period it has sold more than 5,000 electric vehicles in the Indian car market. The company is playing a vital role in exploring the production of electric vehicles within the country and is soon going to launch the electric version of its two major vehicles KUV100 and XUV300. Along with this, the company is also working on launching a new electric vehicle in India in partnership with the American car manufacturing company Ford Motors.
Along with this, the Mahindra has also established a manufacturing plant in Maharashtra for the production of lithium-ion battery in collaboration with L G Chem company from South Korea.
Shared Mobility: The other home-grown company Tata Motors is working on introducing the integration of shared mobility solution in the entire range of the vehicles manufactured by it. For this, the company has also established a separate division to find opportunities for exploring it further. The new division created by the Tata Motors named as Mobility Innovations Hub will also find the ways of partnering with fleet operators like Ola, Uber, and also with the freight operators. The company is the first company in the country to develop an individual division for this purpose.
Three cornerstones of mobility:  In the words of Korean carmaker Hyundai Motors, the future of mobility solution mainly depends on three stones namely Clean Mobility, Freedom in Mobility, and Connected Mobility. It also states the last two stones have been a vital part of mobility in India, but the first one  ‘Clean Mobility’ is the matter of debate. As far as the growth of electric mobility is concerned, the introduction of electric rickshaws for the first time in Delhi back in 2010 is the best illustration of adopting the new technology. The problem with the use of electric vehicles throughout the world is the absence of charging infrastructures.
Still, more than 60 million of Indians move from place to another via, 1.5 million electronic rickshaws. It would be interesting to know that the battery of these rickshaws charge overnight and work smoothly throughout the day. The major factor behind the huge success of electric rickshaws has been the availability of cost-effective spare parts from China.
Well, the future of electric mobility is although hidden in future going through the success enjoyed by the increasing of electric rickshaws it is believed that its future is bright, the only thing required to extend its reach is the availability of necessary resources. 

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