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Friday, October 04, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

Integration Of Safety Features Do Not Make Your Car Safe

Integration Of Safety Features Do Not Make Your Car Safe

In the current scenario going through the increasing number of car accidents, governments across the world are directing the car manufacturers to equip their upcoming car with all the safety features that help in making the car a safe vehicle to drive. But, does integration of the safety features make your car safe and protect your life? Of course, this question will surprise almost every car owner, especially those who drive an expensive car, equipped with all types of safety features. Well, this is quite obvious, but surprisingly, despite of being multifarious safety features there are lots of elements present in your car, which put your life at risk and spoil your health.
Your daily route: How can your daily route of traveling affect your health, is a matter of concern for every person. Anyhow, do you feel tired, dull, bore, fatigue or sad, while traveling through the same road, for instance going daily to your office or college, etc? If yes, then it is a warning sign for you to be alert. Because, according to the studies, the longer your distance of regular traveling, the chances of feeling happy are less, especially if you have to drive almost an hour for reaching your office. It is seen that driving for a long time on the same route daily results in the emergence of negativity and depression in the person.  
Touching the door handle: This again is quite surprising, that opening the gate for sitting in the car can also be harmful to the health of a person. But, before making any assumptions, think for the number of times you open the gate of your car for stepping in. You will agree that you cannot carry your garage everywhere, and have to park your car at the place determined for the parking on the road. Surprisingly, parking the car in the polluted environment makes it an access point for the origin of germs and viruses to stuck on its surface, and as you touch your car these germs and viruses affect your hands and move in your body. The best way to get rid of this problem is to sanitize and clean your car properly after returning from the long rides.
Car fresheners: Pulling the glasses of your car up, however, protect your lungs from the impacts of pollution, but then placing the fresheners also do the same to your lungs, due to the presence of toxic chemicals in them. The presence of toxic chemicals present in the fresheners is enough to spoil your lungs, equally in the same way as spoiled by the pollution on the road. 
Eating inside the car: Undoubtedly, the fun of traveling in the car reaches its peak when you carry your favorite snacks with you while going out for a long drive.  This habit eventually again affects your health. Because, while traveling through the traffic prone area, you wish to eat something even if you are not hungry. This habit puts your health at a higher risk for the origin of heart problems and obesity because due to sitting for the long hours in the car you do not perform any physical activity, this adversely impacts your health due to excess of unhealthy, salty and sugary snacks used by you.
Dealing with the traffic: You will agree that none of us like to stick in the traffic, in fact,   it is the time to check the levels of your patience. The way you express your feelings over the traffic impacts the functioning of your whole body. If you easily get irritated by the traffic, then there are chances that your blood pressure will go high, thus affecting the nerves of your body. If you could not come out of this situation at the earliest, there are chances that soon it will spoil your whole health, and maybe even responsible for the cardiac problems.

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