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Friday, June 15, 2018

By CarKhabri Team

Is It Appropriate To Make Use Of GPS System In Your Car?

Is It Appropriate To Make Use Of GPS System In Your Car?

Use of the GPS navigation system has emerged as one of the important accessories in the car, especially if you are traveling on the road about which you are unaware. And therefore, with the changing time the navigation system has emerged as of the indispensable components for the car rather than an expensive accessory. In-fact it would not be wrong to say that if you are driving at some road about which you are not aware then use of GPS system is not less than a boon for the driver. But, now the question arises that who in true sense needs an assistance from the system and how exact is the route displayed by the GPS system.
Because, if you are native of your city, then you must be known about the all routes of your city and therefore using the GPS navigation system may be of no use for you. Anyhow, if you are new to some place, then using the app can be quite reasonable for you. But, it is seen that despite of being aware about the route and being a native of the city, there are lots of people who still make use of this system and get confused about the route known to them, especially in the cities like Mumbai, where reaching to place any place in an hour is normal due to huge traffic.
GPS navigation
Going through all these questions, let us find out the feasibility of using the GPS system in your car.
1. Decline in the reasoning ability of the person: Although using the GPS app is helpful in locating the address, but if you are native and using the app then it is quite possible that you might feel decline your thinking abilities and reasoning abilities. Because when we make use of any app or guiding device we totally depend on its instructions and do not use of brain. The regular use, adversely affects our memory of remembering route and other things.
2. Right way: If you have  beenusing the GPS app, then you must be knowing that as soon as you switch it on, the first thing it asks from you is in which direction you wish to move, north or east or west or south. This sometimes confuses the drivers, because there are lots of people who do not know in which direction they are moving ahead and therefore they enter the wrong direction. And, keeping that direction in concern the GPS system displays the route due to which sometimes the drivers have to travel a long distance, which could have been smaller if they had mentioned the exact direction of their travel. Similarly, there are lots of situations when the system is not able to receive the signals from satellite and you are left alone on the road except for trying to connect your system with the network.
GPS navigation-1
3. Fun of driving: Although the use of navigation system acts like an assistance while you are driving, but sometimes driving on the instructions deprives you from enjoying the scenes that you would have enjoyed while driving at your own knowledge.
In simple words it can be said that although the use of GPS navigation system is helpful in finding the right path to your journey, but instead of making it a habit it would be better to make its use only at the time of requirement.
Picture Courtesy: Google Maps

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