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Friday, July 06, 2018

By CarKhabri Team

Is It Feasible To Drive A Personal Car To The College?

Is It Feasible To Drive A Personal Car To The College?

The board results are out and once again huge brigade of school passouts are excited to enter into the new phase of life that is christened as college life, the life where they will be free from all the restrictions. Bunking lectures, no restriction of wearing the same school dress, sitting in the canteen are few fun-filled activities that almost every youth enjoys during his college life. 
Anyhow, as now he is in the college, he has the freedom to try his hands of doing those things which he was not allowed during his school time. Till few months he was not allowed to drive the car alone, even in the colony, but now as he is got admission in college he is allowed to take the car to the college.
Well, this seems something surprising that how a kid who till few months was not considered suitable for driving along in the colony can take car to the college? Going through this concern let us focus on some of the factors to understand that is it suitable for the youths to drive the car alone to their college.
Car Driving To The College
1. Does he drive the car with full responsibility: It is clear that a person who is ready to drive car alone to the college knows driving perfectly. But how perfect he is, can be accessed only by going through his previous driving record, it would be important to consider the facts like how many time he got the clashed with another car, how many times he got the full tank empty on the road, etc. Considering these facts will be helpful in understanding the level of maturity attained by your child.
2. Does college allow the personal car? It is also one of the important factors to consider because there are lots of colleges that due to safety reasons do not allow the students to bring their personal cars.
3. Will he give the keys to his friends for driving the car: There are lots of youths who do not hesitate in handling the keys of their vehicle to their friends. This might be risky, because you may restrict your child to drive with safety, but you cannot ask his friends to drive safely. Maybe your child drives safely but his friend might get your car crashed.
Once you get an answer to these question then only you should allow your kid to drive a car to his college.

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