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Friday, June 08, 2018

By CarKhabri Team

Is It Feasible To Implement BS-VI Emission Norms In India?

Is It Feasible To Implement BS-VI Emission Norms In India?

Recent years have witnessed huge concern towards the increasing problem of pollution arising from the vehicles on the road across the world, and to combat with the problem, all countries are adopting to different measures that are helpful in controlling its impacts. The government of the India is also concerned towards this issue and therefore to control the situation the government has not only announced its policy to completely stop the drive of fuel based vehicles on the Indian roads from 2030. Along with this the government has also announced to adopt the BS-VI emission norm within the country from April 2020. Although, both these steps will be undoubtedly helpful in controlling the increasing impact of the pollution to huge extent, but how much successful both these steps would be is the matter of concern.
Maruti Suzuki Celerio Front Low View
Let us for instance talk about the adaptation of BS-VI emission norm from April 2020, this step can be considered as an interesting step by the government. But, are the Indian manufacturers ready for it. Because, adaptation of BS-VI emission norms is not less than copying the driving standards of European countries. But, before that the government’s of European countries had given substantial time to the automakers to enhance their manufacturing technology. Whereas there government of India is not offering any such facility to the Indian automakers.
It would be interested to know that the Indian automaker had already requested the government to extend the time limit for adopting the BS-VI norms at the time it announced to introduce the policy from April 2020. Because at present the automakers (including both the two wheelers and four wheelers) are launching the vehicles with BS-IV emission norms and before adopting the BS-VI norm they had to take step ahead for BS-V emission norm. Adopting the BS-VI norm means skipping the one step, which could result in the emergence of the scenario that happened from April 2017, when the government stopped BS-III vehicles without any notice.
Although the oil groups are endorsing to supply the BS-VI oil from the determined time limit, but in case if they fail to do so? Then, there is no second plan ready for the government to tackle the situation. 

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