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Friday, February 15, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

Is Smart Driving License For Smart Nation Thought A Feasible Step?

Is Smart Driving License For Smart Nation Thought A Feasible Step?

Getting a permanent driving license from the regional traffic authorities is an indication that you are an expert driver and authorized to drive the vehicle of a particular segment across the country without any discrimination. As an impact of this each state and Union Territory within the country is issuing driving licenses to the vehicle owners in the different format, and also linking the driving licenses at their level, this, although is not made mandatory by the central government. This has created a huge problem for the traffic police and the government. Because there are lots of vehicle owners who are having two or more than two licenses for driving vehicles of different niche.  
Driving License
To cope with the problem, the government has now decided that from July 2019, the driving licenses issued by the regional transport office (RTO) of different states and union territories throughout the country will be issued and printed in the same format. This means that the licenses issued from July 2019 within the country will have the same format, design, color and security features. All the licenses will also have a microchip similar to SIM card and QR codes studded over it. It is reported that the new DLs will be also be optimized with near field communication (NFC) to facilitate the traffic police authorities to access all the details easily.
Moving ahead, the new will also feature the National and State emblem followed by the name of the license issuing authority. It will also have the information regarding the blood group and the declaration regarding the donation of an organ by the license owner. Other details like validity, category of vehicles etc, will remain the same as earlier.
The implementation of the new rules and regulations will not be applicable on the new licenses (including the both permanent and learning), but, all the licenses received for the renewal will also be developed on the same pattern. Interestingly, the same format will also be followed in the vehicle registration certificates.

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