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Friday, December 28, 2018

By CarKhabri Team

Journey of Central Locking System In The Car

Journey of Central Locking System In The Car

Investment in the car is undoubtedly an expensive investment made by a person during his lifetime and therefore every car tries to protect it from any damage which could adversely impact its aesthetics. On the contrary, it is seen that they try to customize their beloved car so that not only it grabs the attention of the commuters, but at the same time also offers them a smooth driving experience.  
Interestingly in the current scenario, the market is flooded with a plethora of accessories that are helpful in enhancing the list of features offered in any car. Taking the advantage of this the buyers of lower trims of the car are upgrading their car with a bunch of additional features that are offered in the top end trim of that particular car. The main reason due to which the entry-level cars are deprived from the integration of these accessories is the increasing cost of production, due to which it is not possible for the original car manufacturers to offer those features in the lower trims of their cars.
The integration of these accessories helps in enhancing the level of comforts available in their car. It would be interesting to know that some of these accessories till a few years back were considered as the luxurious accessories and were highly exhibited by the original manufacturers during the promotion. Let us for instance talk about the central remote car locking system. Till a few years back the remote locking system was considered as a premium feature and was considered as USP for promoting any car. But, today, it has emerged as the mandatory feature from the safety point of view. In-fact today with changing time the practice of even remote locking system has become obsolete and now the trend of keyless entry is emerging as the preferred way of locking the car.
Let us have a look of the car locking system during the years.
Manual locking system: It is the conventional way of locking the whole car, where the key is inserted in the key-hole located at the gate of the driver side. The key is used for locking and unlocking the car for stepping in and coming out from the car. Inside the cabin, pushing or pulling the lock lever located at the driver side, locked the car from inside.
Central remote locking system: With the advancement of time the manual locking system was replaced by a remote locking system. The remote locking system completely eliminated the use of inserting key for locking and unlocking the car. Instead of that the car owners started pressing the button offered in the remote system for moving inside the car. The remote was controlled by the sensors thus, locking and unlocking all the four doors and bootlid at the same time. The worth mentioning feature of remote locking system is that if someone tries to forcefully step in your car by unlocking the doors, it starts playing a siren, thus alerting the car owner that his car is at an edge of being stolen by the thieves.
Keyless entry: In recent times the car owners are now shifting towards a remote keyless entry system, which mainly works on the basis of compatible sensors. One of the sensors is offered in the remote fob itself, while the another sensor is mounted in the door handle located at the driver side. The doors get locked once the remote fob gets away from the determined range and vice versa to unlock the car.
Well, whatever the way of car owners adopt to lock the car, the main objective of the central locking system is to lock the car and protect it from theft.

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