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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

By Carkhabri Team

Know A to Z Terminologies of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 10

Know A to Z Terminologies of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 10

Continuing our tutorials on terminologies related with cars today we shall be focusing on terms and “I” and “J”.  Hope you must be enjoying them and will be now proudly exhibiting your knowledge about cars in front of your friends and making their mouths opened full with surprise.
Well before we precede ahead let us have a review of our last blog entitled Know A to Z Terminologies of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 9. So now let us begin our blog of today starting with alphabet “I”
1. Ignition System: The main responsibility of this system is to generate and distribute electrical spark that is required to kindle fuel in cylinder and alter the frequency of spark in same proportion with changing speed of engine.

Engine  Ignition
2. In-Line Engine; It is a self explanatory term which refers to placement of cylinders side by side in a row. However, when engine configuration is explained like V6, V8 or V12 engine in that case cylinders are separated into two banks, with each cylinder placed against each other in “V” format.
3. Imobiliser: It is a kind of safety feature that is helpful in protecting the car from being stolen. The system does not support the ignition system to switch on the engine.
4. Injectors: Injectors may be defined as type of device transits the fuel at high speed to engine cylinders at regular intervals.
5. Intercooler: It is a type of device that is used for cooling air as soon as it leaves turbocharger before air in inhaled by engine air intake device. The process of cooling acts as air denser and riches the oxygen, thus helping engine in generating more power.
6. Interior Payload: The space inside car from which any item can be carried inside the car.
7. Intake Valves: They are type of devices which create the way for vapor generated from fuel to move inside the cylinder and also closes them to retain cylinder pressure during the process of compression and combustion.
8. Jump start; It is a type of process where electrical power from battery of one car is transferred into battery of another car, enabling the ignition of other car to switch on.
9. Jackknife: It is a kind of point at which cab of lorry is towed by trailer.

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