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Monday, September 12, 2016

By Carkhabri Team

Know A TO Z Terminologies Of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 11

Know A TO Z Terminologies Of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 11

Keyless entry, leg room, Landau top, lowrider etc are some few terms which might confuse to any new car buyer at first instance, and therefore with an objective to make them aware about all such terms we are endeavoring to enrich them with knowledge about all such terms, through out tutorials.
Well, continuing our last tutorial KNOW A TO Z TERMINOLOGIES OF YOUR CAR BEFORE YOU BUY IT: PART 10 in which we discussed the terms related with I and J, today we shall be focusing on terms related with K and L. So having a look of our last tutorial section let’s start our session for today’s blog.
1. Keyless Entry: It is a kind of locking system which is controlled with centralized locking system without making the use of key. As a general practice there is a remote through which the car owners lock and unlock their cars, whereas some cars have locks enriched with electronic combination on the doors near handle.
Keyless Entry
2. Kit Car: A car customized according to the hobbies of car owner.
3. Kilometers Per Hour (KPH): The unit determined to calculated the kilometers travelled with specified hours.

4. Litre: The unit used to determine displacement capacity of an engine normally used by car makers to specify power and efficiency of an engine for instance 2.0 litre or 3.0 litre etc.
5. Lowrider: A car with chassis lowered at the beneath.
6. Limited-Slip Differential: A kind of device which protects the drive wheels from skidding while transmitting power from slipping wheel to another wheel mounted on same axle.
7. Leased car agreement: Like other lease contract it is contract which facilitates some person to drive car of another person for specified period of time by making specific payment. The title of car however remains with the name of an owner.
8. Live Axle: Also referred as rigid axle, this feature allows the movement of wheel at one end to affect wheel on opposite end.

Live Axle
9. Leg Room: The term leg room refers to the distance between heel point of accelerator pedal to back of the front seat cushion.
Leg Room
10. Landau top: It is a kind of roof in which the rear portion is mainly coated with vinyl fabric.
11. Lap-and-Shoulder Belt: A safety feature mounted on the seat of driver and passengers covering their whole body and protects them from jerking towards front side during any accident.
Lap and Shoulder Belt
12. Land yacht: Type of a luxury car found in late 1950’s and early 60’s.

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