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Friday, September 30, 2016

By Carkhabri Team

Know A To Z Terminologies Of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 14

Know A To Z Terminologies Of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 14

So finally today we have reached to middle of car terminology tutorials and hopefully you would have also got familiar with varied glossaries related with cars. Today also we shall be focusing on few more terms which although you would have heard during your day to day conversation but had never understood their functionality.
Anyhow before we start blog for today let us have look of our last blog Know A To Z Terminologies Of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 13. So now without wasting single minute let’s start our tutorial for today.
1. Odometer: Also referred as mileomter, the main objective of odometer aka milemter is to indicate the number of miles traveled by vehicle. It should be remembered that tampering or changing the settings of odometer is illegal, especially when you sale your used vehicle to another person. When the limit of vehicle’s mileage goes beyond the mechanical limits situation of odometer rollover happens. This condition must be certified by the first seller of car in accordance to Mileage act.

2. Off-roader: Off-roader is a type of big wheel which has been developed in such a way that it facilitates the driver to drive his vehicle smoothly on rugged and terrain roads as an impact of powerful engine empowered in it.

3. Overdrive: It is a type of gear transmission system offered in ratio of 1:1 and results in enhancing fuel efficiency and reduces engine rotation per minute at highway.  In vehicle with five speed manual transmission system, the fourth and fifth gears work as overdrive system, whereas in four speed automatic transmission system the fourth gear acts as an overdrive system. The vehicles in which overdrive gear system is installed, the output shaft moves at high speed as compared to input shaft, which results in reducing the engine rotations which driving at high speed.
4. Optional Equipment: Optimal equipment may be defined as additional features that are integrated in any vehicle as extra feature and do not come as standard feature offered in that particular vehicle. Although for installation of these parts the owner has to pay extra amount or sometimes they are offered as optional package by car maker.
5. Oxygen Sensor: It is a type of device related with emissions and which records the presence of oxygen in the exhaust. The voltage it develops is measured by main computer and other sensor input for determining the automatic adjustment of air and fuel mixtures.
Oxygen Sensor
6. Pick-up: It is a kind of small truck which is mainly used for carrying local goods from one corner to city to another city.  The front fascia of vehicle is in form of closed cab where as the rear resembles to open cargo behind for carrying the goods.
7. Pinion: It is kind of gear with small teeth that meshes with teeth of other large gears.
8. Piston: A cylinder shaped equipment which compresses fuel vapor inside the cylinder and is forced downwards through force of explosion, which generates at the time of vapor ignition. 
9. Power Steering: At first instance it looks like the common steering wheel which was used in vehicles which were developed almost a decade back. But on close view you will find it in smaller size than compared to standard steering system. Today almost every vehicle which is introduced in market is equipped with power steering system. The power steering makes use of separate motor for reducing the efforts required for turning the front wheels of vehicle.
10. Power-train: The power-train in simple words may be defined as the combination of engine and transmission system. 
11. Power Steering Fluid: Today various power steering systems make use of hydraulic power. Such power steering systems are use a power steering pump moved by a belt through crankshaft. The pump rotates under pressure over the hoses to steering gear.
12. Pressure Plate: The plate captures the clutch plate over the flywheel.
Pressure Plate

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