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Thursday, October 06, 2016

By Carkhabri Team

Know A To Z Terminologies Of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 15

Know A To Z Terminologies Of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 15

What is overdrive, or what is odometer, what is the function of piston, what is MPV, what is multi-port injection system etc, we are sure now if someone asks you about these terms or tries to confuse you then undoubtedly you will be able to reply their answers with full confident and make them realize your knowledge about cars. Today also we make an attempt to enhance your knowledge related with terms “Q” and “R” related with cars.
But, before we precede ahead let us revise our last blog Know A To Z Terminologies Of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 14, and move forward with today’s blog.
1. Quickest Lap: The term mainly refers to motorsport and refers to fastest lap which is accomplished by any driver during the car race. The history of quickest lap dates back to 1960 where drivers were awarded point for finishing the lap in least time. However, in coming years the practice of quickest lap was discontinued from A1 Grand Prix and recently by GP2 series, which awarded bonus points to the driver or team finishing the race before other drivers. At present Michael Schumacher is the record holder of having highest quickest lap points with 77.
2. Quality control: Quality control in simple words may be defined as a kind of test that is conducted to assess the quality of product before it reaches in market for sale. During test the product has undergo various tests and operated under sensitive circumstances to examine the performance of that specific product. As a general practice products which have undergone this test are awarded an ISO 9000 certificate and is regarded as an assurance about the high quality of material used in developing for that product and also ensures about its high performance. 
3. Radiator: Radiator is a kind of heat exchanger that is used for transferring thermal engine between two points for heating and cooling. The device is used as cooling and heating equipment for retaining the temperature inside the room according to environment. In automobiles it is mainly installed at the front fascia below bonnet opposite to engine through which hot engine coolant is transmitted and cooled. The liquid or coolant is transmitted back via engine to cool it.

4. Roadster: Often referred as spyder or spider, a roadster is a open car that is capable of accommodating two persons and carries a sportier look. The car does not have any sheet to cover it. It is also defined as racing car which was mainly driven in United States Auto Club Championship racing during 1950 and 1960. In later years this type of car was discontinued by mid-engine cars. Today these cars are representatives of vintage cars and showcased only specific occasions. 
5. RACMSA: Today recognized as MSA (Motor Sports Association) RAC MAS in basically a governing body that has been constituted for motorsports that are organized in United Kingdom. The association is governed by the International body Federation of Internationale de I”Automobile (FIA). Although, various short circuit motorsport contests like Banger Racing, Hot Rod Racing, Autograss organized in United Kingdom are not the part of MSA. 
6. Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD): While buying a new car you would have heard about rear wheel drive option also known as RWD, which would have confused you.  But, from now onwards you won’t get confused when someone speaks about RWD in front of you. known as rear wheel drive system, it refers to the driving option which transits power to vehicle through rear wheels. Thus, moving the vehicle forward from back tires. Here one thing which needs to be understand very carefully is that sometimes you might get confused with term 2WD referring to 2 wheel drive system. This driving option might either through front two wheels or rear wheels.
Rear Wheel Drive
7. Revolutions Per Minute (RPM): RPM or revolution per minute is the unit that measures the frequency of rotations within a minute over fixed axis. Although in international market it is defined as RPM but in different countries with different ways in French it is used as tr/mn (tours par minute) in German it is abbreviated as U/min or u/min (Umdrehungen per Minute). In Indian car market manufacturers define this functionality as RPM.
8. Rim: Rim is defined as an exterior edge of wheel that holds the tire. It makes up the external round outline of the wheel on which within edge of the tire is mounted on vehicles such automobiles.
Car Rim
9. Rollover: The sort of vehicle effect in which the auto or truck moves over on its side, onto its rooftop, or turns over totally. The greatest reason for harm in a rollover is discharge of the tenant or any part of the tenant. Rollover is a more serious danger in any game utility vehicle  as a result of its high focal point of gravity  than in a minivan, pickup truck or traveler auto. Rollover can happen instantly upon effect or in the seconds after an effect, which makes it more hard to ensure tenants with conventional airbags. Inflatable tubular limitations and comparable outlines that stay swelled longer than customary airbags will be more powerful in rollover circumstances.
10. Rush hour: It generally refers to peak hours of the day when traffic on road is more than the normally hours of day. Normally timing between 8 A.M to 10 A.M is considered as rush hour.

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