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Friday, October 14, 2016

By Carkhabri Team

Know A to Z Terminologies Of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 17

Know A to Z Terminologies Of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 17

We are sure that you have finding these tutorials both interesting and knowledgeable in enhancing your technical knowledge related with cars. Moreover with our ever blog we are also getting closer to end of terminologies from A to Z prevailing with cars. In out today’s blog we shall be focusing on terms which begin with alphabet “T”.  Generally being a car enthusiast you might be aware about two three terms for instance tachometer, torque, transmission system or turbocharger beginning with “T” but today you will realize there are various terms starting with “T” related with your car.
But before that let us refresh our memory by revising our last blog titled “Know A to Z Terminologies Of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 16” so as to continue the sequence of blogs. 
1. Tachometer: An instrumental device revealing the speed of engine depending upon the rotation of engine per minute. It is derived from a Greek work “taxoc” (tachos referring to speed) and metron (measure”. Normally the words tachometer and speedometer carry the same meaning referring to the device recording the speed.  But when you go in depth you will understand the actual meaning hidden in both words, tachometer generally measures the speed of an engine while the speedometer calculates the speed of a vehicle.
2. Throttle-Body Fuel Injection: It may be defined as type of injection system in which injectors are placed in between the throttle body having a value to make smooth flow of air via intake manifold. The system is less effective and exact to multi-port or sequential fuel injection system.

Throttle Body Fuel Injection System
3. Torque: Torque may be defined as unit used for measuring the twisting force of an object at its axles and is measured in Newton Meters. In auto industry this twisting refers to extraction of engine over the crankshaft. While describing the engine specification it includes the maximum torque an engine produces at specified revolutions.  
4. Torque Converter: A device attached to the crankshaft that utilizes turbine based system and a thin fluid to scull the movement of automatic transmission mainshaft. Rather than a vehicle furnished with a manual transmission and grasp that must be locked in/separated, this "liquid" association between the motor and the wheels is the thing that empowers an auto to arrive at a full stop with its programmed transmission still in apparatus.
Torque Convertor
5. Traction Control: It is a self explanatory term which refers to the system that is used for controlling the chances of vehicle slip while it is driven at high speed. The system helps in retaining the contact of wheel with road surface. The traction control system normally makes use of anti lock braking system for stopping spinning of wheel and minimise power of one ore more engine cylinder when wheel spin is detected by an electronic sensor.
Traction Control
6. Transaxle: It may be described as a component which merges the functionality of transmission system, differential houses and components connected in one unit. This type of component is now days common in vehicles offered with front wheel drive option. As a general practice the transmission system and differential are substitute to each other because there is no requirement of drive shaft in vehicles with front wheel drive option.
7. Transmission: While discussing transmission system of car which you purchased you are given an option manual gear transmission system or an automatic transmission system. As a general practice transmission system is used for taking the vehicle at high speed with low torque power of the engine and converts it into low speed and high torque output which allows the driving of wheels. The vehicles with manual transmission system makes use of gears for generating high torque output that is required from high speed input of engine. During the process clutch plays an important role in disengaging the transmission from the engine while gears are shifted or changed. In automatic transmission system the whole process is conducted automatically.
8. Tread-Wear Index: This mainly refers to rating of tyres generally mentioned in two letters. The letters indicate the working life of the tyres for instance A,B, or C,A refers to best while C for worst.
9. Turbocharger: It is a devices that compresses and pulls extra air for producing additional power. Normally turbochargers and superchargers are used for generating more power without increasing displacement capacity of an engine. The only which disappoint the owners to such vehicles is that they do not deliver fuel efficient results and deliver low average.
10. Twist-Beam Axle: It is a kind of separate rear axle that is mainly used in vehicles with front drive option. The horizontal beam that is used for connecting the rear wheels helps in minimising the impact of motion from one wheel to another. 
Twist Beam Axle

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