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Monday, October 24, 2016

By Carkhabri Team

Know A To Z Terminologies Of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 19

Know A To Z Terminologies Of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 19

We are sure that now terms like air injection system, anti lock braking system, alloy wheels, engine displacement capacity, EBD, electronic control module, gear ratio, ground clearence and other technical terms pertaining with car must not be confusing you. On the contrary your cross questioning from car mechanics might be compelling them to bite their nails with surprise while going through your knowledge about cars. 
So finally today we have reached to our last section of our tutorials in which we will understand the terms falling between “W and Z” let us have a look of our last blog entitled, Know A To Z Terminologies Of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 18. Hope you have gone through the last blog, now let us start our tutorial for today.
1. Wheelbase: It generally refers to distance that is measured between centre points of front and rear wheels.
2. Wheel hop: Wheel hop in simple words may be defined as an unusual suspension practice of wheel where it rotates aggressively leaving the ground space. This issue might arise due to various reasons for instance, weak torsion axle control, unsprung weight, in-appropriate shock damping.
3. Wheel Size: It is a self explanatory term which refers to size of a wheel measured in diameter and width on the tyre is fixed. A wheel with 15x7 measurement means it has diameter of 15 inch and width of 7 inch.
4. Wheel well/arch: Wheel arch is the distance between wheel and the fender which covers it. The arch is developed according to the size of any wheel.
5. X series: The series named after chassis designed by British car maker Jaguar for its cars namely XJ, XK and X-Type series. 
6. X-ray detection: This is mainly conducting by legal authorities responsible for registering vehicle that will be driven within the geographical boundary of any territory. It mainly focuses on checking of material illegally concealed in door panels of any car.
7. Yaw: The rotation that moves across the centre of gravity of any car.
8. Zero-offset steering: It may be defined as the situation of steering system which has zero scrub radius. This reduces the impacts of steering which are generated while vehicle is driven at high speed. 
9. Z-axis: The plain movement of vehicle which it cannot access. 

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