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Friday, May 06, 2016

By Carkhabri Team

Know A to Z Terminologies of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 5

Know A to Z Terminologies of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 5

Hope our blogs related with car terminologies must be helping you in exploring your knowledge about diversified terms associated with cars and making you feel proud in front of your friends with your general knowledge. Well the earlier blogs are just a beginning still there is long way to go and therefore without wasting much of your time today we are clarifying few more terms to broaden your knowledge.
Daytime Running Lights: Often referred as DRL, these lights get switched on as soon as you switch on the ignition of your car. The worth mentioning role these lights is that they make it easier for vehicles coming from opposite direction more visible even during day time. Today this lighting system can be witnessed on various upcoming cars that being launched in market as an additional feature. 
Daytime Running Lights
Diffuser: A kind of system installed on the rear of vehicle for excreting the noise of engine. 

Disc Brakes: In simple words these may be defined as metal discs known as brake rotors integrated at the hub of wheel and rotate with vehicle. Whenever the brake pedal is pressed the brake calipers compress the disc for showing down the speed of vehicle. 
Disc Brake
Displacement: It may be defined as the volume distributed by cylinders mounted in an engine. It is generally measured in litres.
Driveshaft: A long cylinder type tool installed between transmission system and rear axle. The shaft is connected with a joint that facilitates the movement of various operations that are performed while driving making the movement of shaft in upward and downward directions without bending it.
Drivetrain: It may be defined as a system that combines various components of vehicle to act together for moving the vehicle in forward or backward direction according to requirement. In vehicles with rear drive options it involves the combination of engine, differential , transmission and drive shaft. Whereas in vehicles with front wheel drive options it combines the match of engine, along with drive axle and transaxle. 
Drum Brakes: Like disc brakes drum brakes are a type of braking system that makes use of metal drum. Whenever brake shoes are pressed, the drum stops or minimizing the speed of vehicle.
Drive Axle: This feature is mainly applied on vehicles with front wheel drive option, the system adjoins the transaxle to front wheels.
Drive Axle
Dashboard: A kind of unit that is installed inside the cabin at front side containing various functional operations like automatic transmission shifter, storage compartment and holders for cups. It also refers the section with buttons of various functions like climate control system, sound system etc mounted on it. 
Decked: It may be defined as the process of removing the contour lines or body trim from the rear of vehicle to customize the rear according to requirement. 

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