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Thursday, May 19, 2016

By Carkhabri Team

Know A to Z Terminologies of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 6

Know A to Z Terminologies of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 6

Continuing our last blog based on A to Z Terminologies of your car in which we discussed some important terms beginning with alphabet “D”, in the same series today we will concentrate on terms which begin with alphabet E.
1. Engine: Engine may be defined as an heart of car who main objective is to utilize fuel in form of petrol or diesel and then convert its energy to some mechanical form. The cubic capacity of an engine refers to interior fuel filling capacity. The powerful cc means more power generation efficiency.
Car Engine
2. Engine Displacement: Refers to comprehensive volume used inside the cylinders of engine for combustion.
3. Engine management system: Can be defined as computerized control system of ignition, offering economical and power effective driving practice.
4. EBD: Referred as Electronic Brake Distribution system, EBD is a brake assist system that is mainly used with anti braking system facilitating driving to retain instant brake on his vehicle in case of any uncertain situation.

Electronic Brake Distribution System
5. Electronic Stabilization Program: The system is helpful in minimizing the chances of vehicle skidding and helps in retaining appropriate control over vehicle. ESP system understand the type of actions required for different types of activities performed during driving. With brake application feature it offers the facility of driving in desired direction.

Electronic Stabilization Program
6. Electronic Mufflers: Electronic mufflers comprise of sensors and microphones installed in exhaust system which understand the pattern of exhaust system. The collected information is transmitted to on board computer system which retains controls on the loudspeakers in muffler.
7. Electronic Control Module (ECM): ECM may be defined as a master computer that is responsible for understanding electronic signals forwarded  by engine sensors for activation of automatic engine components and perform accordingly so as to deliver maximum performance.

Electronic Control Module
8. Electronic Ignition: Electronic ignition system is used for controlling the timing and operation of spark plugs. 
Electronic Ignition System
9. Engine cooler: An air intake system integrating a large inducting fan, draws air via water cooled piping system and prevents engine form overheating.

Electronic Cooler
10. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): The system that checks for air quality and determines fuel efficiency and emission standards.

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