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Thursday, July 21, 2016

By Carkhabri Team

Know A to Z Terminologies of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 8

Know A to Z Terminologies of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 8

We are sure that our blogs related with varied terminologies related with cars must be widening your knowledge about cars. So continuing our last blog Know A to Z Terminologies of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 7, today we will discuss terms related with alphabet “G”. 
1. Gearbox : Gearbox is a kind of box which is equipped with cogs attached to each other, making it easier for driver to drive car smoothly under different driving conditions. Every cog operates under at different mph ratio at the speed of 1000 rotation per minute. The gearbox is controlled by different transmission system including manual, automatic and hand paddle.
Car Gearbox
2. Ground Clearance: While buying a car, while discussing the features of car, the executives have told you about the ground clearance. And despite of being unaware about the term you would have tried to reveal that you are familiar with term to get yourself feel ashamed in front of him. But from now onwards you need not have to shy, on the contrary you will be able to boldly get your doubts clear with the term. Well ground clearance may be defined the gap between the road or ground and the lowest segment of car known as vehicle chassis. The higher ground clearance minimizes the chances of vehicle hitting the surface or any other object that comes on its way. 

Ground Clearence
3. Grille: The portion at front fascia of car that facilitates easy reach of air to radiator.
4. Gear Ratio: The ratio of teeth that is counted while moving gears.
5. Gridlock: It is a kind of traffic situation where it is not possible to move vehicle in desired direction.
6. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: The actual weight of vehicle along with the weight it could load while driving.
Gross Vehicle Weight
7. Gas-Charged Shocks: They are specific type of shock absorbers that have low pressure gas filled in them making the smooth drive of vehicle while upward and downward movement.

Gas Charged Shocks

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