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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

By Carkhabri Team

Know A to Z Terminologies of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 9

Know A to Z Terminologies of Your Car Before You Buy It: Part 9

In continuation to our earlier blog, Part 8 of A to Z Terminologies of your car in which we discussed about the terms related with G, today we shall be discussing the terms starting from alphabet “H”.
1. Hardtop: Hardtop is a self explanatory term which refers to roof of the car. A car with hardtop at first instance looks like a convertible car but in real practice is not a convertible car. The cars with hardtop do not have fixed post on the side windows.
Hardtop Roof
2. Hatchback: A full height car with door at its rear portion comprising of a rear window. It also has a folding seat at rear portion.
Hatchback Car
3. Halogen Bulb: It is a type of bulb that is installed on headlamps and delivers brightened light than regular bulbs. Although these bulbs are best while driving during night at long drive, the only disadvantage of these bulbs is that despite of being costlier they do not last for long period.
Car Halogen Bulb
4. Head Room: Head room is distance between the head of passengers and the top of the head liner.

Car Headroom
5. Handling: Handling refers to easy handling of steering wheel that facilitates the drivers to retain control on driving while moving across the deep turns and hills.
6. Horse Power: Also referred as hp, in simple terms horse power refers to power generated by engine while driving. The high horse power means high top speed of vehicle.
7. Hydraulic: Normally used in braking system, the hydraulic is an integral part of a vehicle that refers to liquid under pressure.
8. Hood Ornament: Chrome garnished metal item mounted at the top of radiator grille and sometimes over the front of bonnet at the middle of front fascia.

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