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Friday, April 10, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

Maintenance Tips for Car’s Air conditioner During Summer

Maintenance Tips for Car’s Air conditioner During Summer

The season of summer has almost knocked the doors in various regions across the world, and there is nothing worse than a non-working air conditioner in the car. The situation is not less than a curse for the people whose air conditioner suddenly stops working while they are going out for a long trip. The most important reason which in the first instance has been found the culprit in most of the studies responsible for the emergence of this problem is lack of awareness among people regarding the use of air conditioners in the car.
To avoid the happening of any such unusual incident in your car, below are some tips and practices that should be followed to avoid any discomfort during the hot summers:
1. Try to switch on the air conditioner of your car at least once a week and keep it on for almost 10 minutes. During this duration maintain the speed and the temperature of the air conditioner to their top level. Doing this helps in keeping the pressure of the gas at its optimum level and the compressor in its proper condition. This also minimizes the chances of any mechanical problems that can create issues. If the air conditioner of your car has the facility of defrosting, keeping it on for 10 minutes on a weekly basis will reduce moisture and also stop the development of mildew. Defrosting the air conditioner will let you enjoy the privilege of fresh air and stop the spread of irritating smells that spoil the fun of long drives.
2. Although, keeping the windows open while traveling offers you the fun and privilege of enjoying the cool and fresh air, but at the same time can also the damage air conditioner, if it is switched on. Driving the car with the air conditioner on and windows open put pressure on the machinery of the air conditioner as to keep the interior temperature it has to work hard. Moving ahead, it also impacts the level of coolant and fuel to a huge extent.
3. Recharge the Refrigerant Regularly: Most of the problems in the air conditioner happen due to low levels of refrigerant. The main objective of refrigerant is cooling the vehicle and distribution of air equal in all the directions. But, due to regular use and driving, there is a decline in its level and so is in the performance of the air conditioner. Upgrading the level of refrigerant regularly helps you in enjoying the uninterrupted performance of the air conditioner for a long time.
4. Finally the last but not least follow the service schedule of your car accordingly and get it serviced on time without making much delay. Following this practice will let all the components of your car work properly without creating any trouble.

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