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Friday, August 25, 2017

By Carkhabri Team

Myths related with the maintenance of car

Myths related with the maintenance of car

Driving a luxurious car doesn’t mean that it do not require any type of maintenance or regular servicing. The fact is that to enjoy flawless drive of your car it should be maintained properly with regular servicing. But, there are lots of myths related with the servicing and maintenance of car which adversely pushes people towards additional expenses during the services. Therefore going through the concern of our esteemed readers we are discussing some of the myths, which could protect you from paying extra money to the mechanic for servicing.
1. Changing Engine Oil After Every 3,000 Miles: While reading different types of articles related with car maintenance you would have read about changing the engine oil after every 3,000 miles. If you are driving your vehicle under normal conditions then your engine oil can work smoothly up-to 7,500 miles, sometimes even more. Although changing oil during every service enhances the health of engine, but on the other it puts extra burden on your pocket. Anyhow if you are driving your car throughout the dusty roads or through hill then changing the oil after 3,500 miles can definitely be a good thought.
Changing Engine Oil
2. Premium fuel is better than regular grade fuel: There is myth among the car owners that filling premium fuel is better than the regular grade fuel. Literally all vehicles run smoothly on regular grade fuel and therefore filling the premium fuel is not going to benefit you any more or improve the performance of your car.
3. Changing coolant during every oil change: As a general practice it is recommended to change the coolant after drive of 60,000 miles or after every five years. But , in case if you notice any leakage from coolant box or notice the coolant level than the desired level, it would be better to top-up it immediately.
4. Warm up car before going for driving: The engines installed in car’s of today’s generation warm up instantly as soon as you start driving your car and there is no affect on their performance and fuel efficiency. Therefore suggesting someone to warm up his car before going drive has become an outdate advice.
Car Maintenane
5. Washing car with dishwashing or laundry detergent: It is believed that washing the car with laundry detergent will retain its shine for long time. But doing this will on the contrary remove the cars finish. To retain the original finish of the car make use of liquid determined for the car and do not removes its original paint.
6. Battery recharges with jump: There are lots of car owners who believe that a single jump is enough to recharge the battery. Whereas the fact is that a battery recharges after long hours of drive.  This is mainly because of excessive battery used by heated seats, music system etc due to which it takes long hours to the alternator to recharge the battery.

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