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Friday, April 13, 2018

By CarKhabri Team

Net Connectivity Ready To Transfigure Indian Automobile Industry

Net Connectivity Ready To Transfigure Indian Automobile Industry

Internet has become the necessity of today’s generation and therefore now days apart from mobile efforts are being made to connect all appliances and gadgets used by them with the internet. Interestingly introduction of navigation system in the cars of today’s generation is an illustration that day is not very far when your car will start talking with you and instructs you to follow precautions that are helpful in protecting your life and also offer proper maintenance to your car.
Well the percentage of vehicles connected with the internet is although less than two percent but with increasing use of internet in our day to day activities and going through technical developments across the world it is believed that the percentage of internet connected vehicles in Indian car market will grow gradually in coming years.
Internet Car Connectivity
The benefits that would be enjoyed by the car owners with integration of this feature are referred below:
Notifications about maintenance: The connectivity will let you know when any component of your vehicle requires service, repairs or replacement. This will help in offering you protection from on-road trouble which might affect your traveling while you driving somewhere. Apart from this the properly maintained vehicle will not pollute the atmosphere.
Safe Drivability: Heavy traffic has become a huge problem in India with vehicle moving at the speed of 20 kms to 30 kms is quite irritating. Connecting the vehicles will internet will help the car owners to avoid driving or change their way from the area with heavy traffic. This will not only protect them from the problem of road jam but also their car from being hit by other vehicle running on road. This will also let the insurance companies know about your driving skills and offer you better premium on the basis of driving data revealed by you.
Intelligent Instructions: The cars connected with the internet will also be smarter than the cars of today generation and will keep on suggesting you with necessary instructions that will help you maintaining your car properly and also to get it serviced from time to time to avoid any problem.
Autonomous features: Now days car makers are enriching the cars with new self controlled features like autonomous parking, collision alert, sending warning before any dark sport, dialing emergency number in case of an urgent situation etc.
Apart from this there are various benefits that would be integrated in the cars connected with internet and will definitely revolutionize the Indian car segment to the huge extent.

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