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Friday, October 05, 2018

By CarKhabri Team

Offering Complete Security To Your Children While Travelling In The Car

Offering Complete Security To Your Children While Travelling In The Car

Car accessories undoubtedly play an incredible role in enhancing not only the aesthetics of your beloved car but also the level of comfort and safe traveling. Therefore, when it comes to installation of accessories a person does not leave any stone unturned to get his car embellished with a plethora of luxurious accessories. But, sometimes, integration of certain accessories could be harmful to your vehicle resulting in the loss of life, this we had discussed in our last blogs entitled “Accessories That Could Be Harmful For Your Car”.
Continuing the same theme, today we shall be discussing the factors that each car owner should keep in concern to ensure that young occupants accompanying him are safe while going out with him, in case of any unfortunate incidence. Some of the factors that should be kept in concern are referred below:
Child Safety While Travelling
1. Special seats for the infants: You will agree that younger children, especially the infants cannot sit silently at one place for the long time and therefore, there are chances of getting hit severely in case of any unfortunate crash. Going, this concern of infants and toddlers nowadays, special seats are available in the market, that are helpful in offering complete protection to them in case of an accident. The seats should be properly installed and should be faced towards the rear portion, so that the head and neck muscles of the children do not injure, if your car faces any type of crash.
Special Seats For The Infants
2. Never leave the children alone in the car: If you go out for few minutes, it would be better to take the children with you or leave in the supervision of an adult during your absence, especially if you have keep the air conditioner switched on during the summer. Because, children are curious about new things and it is possible that during your absence, they might touch the things which could result a damage to their life.
Never Leave The Children Alone In the Car
3. Never let the children sit with you on lap while driving: All the parents have a habit of keeping the children in front of their eyes. But doing this could be harmful for both the parents and the child if, you let him sit on your lap while driving. Doing this might distract your attention and you can face an accident.
4. Put on the seat belts: No matter where your children are, sitting inside your car, always make sure that the put the seat belts as soon as you start driving.
Always Put Seat Belt To the Children
5. Let the kids sit in the rear seats: The kids below the age of 12 years should always be asked to sit on the rear seats. Doing this is helpful in protecting them from any damage which could happen to them at the time air bags open during the crash. Because, as the general practice, air bags are developed to offer complete protection to an adult and therefore they can severely injure the kids during the crash.
Keeping these factors in concern will help you in protecting your children from any type of damage during the case of an accident.

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