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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

By CarKhabri Team

Pakistan surpasses India, Becomes the largest CNG user in the World

Pakistan surpasses India, Becomes the largest CNG user in the World

The latest media report tells us that Islamabad, Pakistan has become the largest Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) user in the world. Pakistan beat several countries by miles to become the largest CNG user overtaking countries like Argentina, Iran and Brazil as the number of vehicles using the gas was way higher when compared to these countries.

The transport sector as well has changed its fuel options from petrol and diesel to CNG tells us the Economic Survey 2010-2011.

21 percent of vehicles have converted themselves to CNG in Pakistan beating India to a great extent who have just about over a million vehicles that have converted itself to CNG.It has also left behind countries like Italy and china who have 730,000 and 450,000 vehicles converted to CNG respectively.

Reportedly there are 3,329 CNG stations in the country and 2.5 million vehicles are running on gas. This is a big change in trend observed in Pakistan. The use of CNG is gaining a lot of popularity in auto world with effect from increasing fuel prices, which will soon turn into crisis. CNG makes an effective alternative to this big issue coming up on the face of Globe.

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