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Friday, December 01, 2017

By Carkhabri Team

Planning to buy a new car? Wait a bit more to have a dreamy one

Planning to buy a new car? Wait a bit more to have a dreamy one

Despite of the fact that there is regular hike in the prices of fuel and gas across the world there is no decline in the number of new car buyers across the world and thousands of cars are sold every day. But, in recent years going through increasing problem of pollution throughout the world governments of all countries are endeavoring to increase the use of electric vehicles to protect the environment from the worst impacts of pollution. And, therefore governments of various countries including India have decided to stop the sale of vehicles based on fossil fuels in phases and fully regularize the use of electronic vehicles within their geographical boundaries.
Taking a step ahead in this direction, Union Minister of Transport, Government of India had also announced to stop the sale and use petrol and diesel vehicles in the country from 2030 and also presented governments vision in this prospect. The announcement made by the honorable minister has although received an encouraging response from all the segments of people including both the vehicle manufacturers and vehicle owners, but has also created the lines of tension on their heads. The manufacturers are concerned due to absence of clarification determine by the government regarding the benefits that would be offered to the manufacturers of electronic vehicles. 
On the other side the first time buyers willing to buy their dream car concerned that whether they should buy the car or not. Because after ten years when there will be no petrol and diesel vehicles on the road there dream car will not be less than an antique piece parked in the yard.  If you are also planning to buy your beloved car then it would be better for you to keep little bit patience for few more months as going through the interest of government towards the use of electric vehicles most of the companies are going to bring electric variant of their existing portfolio in the market.  Along with this the government is also endeavoring to strengthen the infrastructure facilities for electronic vehicles as an impact of which you will find sufficient number of charging stations to charge you vehicle.
Apart from this there are few more reasons due to which you should postpone your idea of buying the car for few months.
1. Key players joining the race: With government’s intention of introducing electric vehicles within the country major car makers dominating the Indian car market like Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Hyundai Motors India Limited, Toyota, and others have started developing their strategies for electronic vehicles that would be launched in the Indian car market. It is reported that Japanese auto makers Suzuki and Toyota Motors have signed an agreement to bring electric vehicles in India under their flagships. The same type of strategy is also being developed by another Japanese auto giant Honda Motors that sales its cars in India through Honda Cars India Limited, it is reported that going through the governments preference towards the introduction of electric vehicles within the country it is also going to launch its electric vehicles soon in the market.
2. Infrastructure facilities being developed by the government: The main problem from which every country across the world is combating is absence of sufficient charging stations for electric vehicles, surprisingly India is not an exception to it. We have 56000 fuel stations within the country but only 200 charging stations for electric vehicles. Recently Indian Oil Corporation set up its first charging station at its petrol pump, and taking illustration from it more charging stations are expected to be set up in the coming months across the country.
3. Government’s participation in the electric mobility movement: Although domestic car maker Mahindra and Mahindra is already selling its electric vehicles in Indian car market, but still going through the craze of buyers towards  petrol and diesel vehicles the sale of electric vehicles have not been encouraging. But now with governments interest towards these vehicles, Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) the subsidiary of government had invited bids from the makers of electric vehicles for supplying 10,000 electric vehicles in the government departments. Interestingly home grown car maker Tata Motors and Mahindra and Mahindra have been given the order of supply first fleet of vehicles to the group.
Therefore, going through the interest of the government and entrance by key players it is believed that soon we will have plethora of technically advanced electric vehicles running on the roads and appropriate facilities to satisfy their varied needs.       

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