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Friday, January 31, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

Pros And Cons Of Power Windows

Pros And Cons Of Power Windows

The last two decades have witnessed dynamic technological changes across the world in every field that we cannot imagine how our life had been without these initiatives. There are lots of youth who could be seen saying that they are surprised how their ancestors survived without using the things which they use in the current scenario. The car industry is not an exception to these changes, the changes that have been introduced in the cars of today’s generation whether in terms of features, comfort, and safety undoubtedly make the car driving an easy-going travel device.
The introduction of power window is one such feature that has made traveling in a car a wonderful experience for the people who love to enjoy the iconic view of the sceneries that fall in their way. The integration of the power window has made it easier for them to pull their window instantly without pulling down the conventional hook installed in the cars for opening the windows. But as every coin has two sides heads and tails, similarly integration of the latest features have also their disadvantages which although are not dangerous but rectifying them is time-consuming and expensive. Thus, they require the proper knowledge of using them.
In today’s blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of the power windows.
Power window
Advantages of Power Windows:
1. The driver retains the control of all the windows: Integration of the power windows has emerged as an important technical feature in the car, some cars have only two power windows for the front seat passengers, while some have all the four windows operated electrically. Although, all the windows have an individual switch to operate them, then also the final control remains in the hands of the driver. Because, if the rear seat passengers are children or a person who mentally sick, then they can start playing with the instant opening and closing feature of the window, which could be dangerous for them. Therefore, to stop them from doing any such activity, the final control of windows lies in the hands of the driver.
2. Integrates an anti-pinch device: The worth mentioning feature of the power window is that it is empowered with a strong motor. The power of this motor can be realized from the fact that if a child is left alone in the car, there are chances that he can even get himself injured or even face an unfortunate death, while the window is closed. Going through this concern, nowadays, the manufacturers are installing an anti-pinch device that stops the window, as soon as it recognizes an object on its edge while it is being pulled up for closing.
3. Power windows can be locked: You will agree that the children have the habit of viewing outside the window, this sometimes can be harmful to them. Besides, there have been cases when taking advantage of a fully opened window, the beggars and unsocial elements snatched the valuables placed in your car. Keeping this thing in concern, the car manufacturers have now started integrating the lock system to let the window partially opened according to your preference, thus providing complete security to all the passengers.
Disadvantages of the power windows:
1. The system that controls the working of power windows is equipped with a regulator. As time passes there is a decline in the working of the regulator, and there will be a time when it will stop working.
2. As mentioned above, the power window is equipped with a powerful motor consisting of various small components. If any of the components gets defective, it affects the functioning of the whole window, and it is impossible to scroll the window up or down according to requirement.
3. Nowadays, the integration of the power window has become the necessity of time. Some of the expensive cars use high-tech power windows, requiring proper maintenance. Thus, repairing such windows in case of any defect is quite expensive for the owners.

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