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Friday, May 17, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

Protect Your Car During The Dust Storm

Protect Your Car During The Dust Storm

The season of monsoon is reported to step in the Indian continent during the first week of June, but before that dust storms have started blowing, thus effecting the regular working schedule of the people, sometimes into the severe accidents resulting the loss of life. It is therefore advised to stay at the place where you have been at the time of sand storm and wait for getting it slow. Despite of this there are lots of people who keep on driving their vehicle without any concern of the storm, thus putting their and life of others in danger.
Anyhow, even if they do not face any accident or any other problem, there are lots of other things which are affected as an impact of these dust storms. This not only includes the spread of dust across your bedroom or living rooms, but it also includes damage to the most expensive asset owned by you, that is your beloved car. This at first instance might surprise you, but it is true, even if you have parked your at the time of dust storm, then also there are chances that you car can affected as an impact of the high speed wind storm. Going through this concern of our readers, today we are going to discuss some of the precaution which could protect your car from being damaged during the wind storm.
1. Do not open the windows: Opening the windows while driving in the dust storms is harmful for health, it is better to close the windows and switch on the air conditioner at low speed.
2. Do not park under a tree, street lights or a building under construction: It is seen that sometimes the drivers park their car under a tree or close to any building under construction or below the street light during the windstorm. If the speed of Dust storm is above 60 km/ per hour, then there are chances that it can uproot the tree or the street poles, thus making a huge damage to your car and your life too.
Do Not Park Under Tree
3. Drive at slow speed: Although driving during the wind storm is restricted, but even then if it is important for you to drive due to unavoidable circumstance, it is advised to drive at slow speed and switch on the headlights and also the fog lamps (if they are installed on your car). Doing this will help you in viewing the road and turns properly. It would be better to also switch on the parking lights, so that vehicles coming behind you could see your car properly.
Parking Lights
4. Carry extra coolant and water: If you are living in the dust prone areas, then it is advised to carry some extra bottles of water along with the water bottles carried by you followed by extra coolant. This is mainly to protect the engine of your car from overheating during the hot summer days and wind storms.
5. Wash the car after dust storm: It is advised to wash the car after dust storm, because the small particles of dust stick to the paint and damage the pain of your car. You can also apply a protective sheet over the glass, paint and headlights. These sheets are dust resistant and do not damage the paint and other exterior accessories of your car. 
Following these recommendations will help in protecting your car from the dust storms and also the life.

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