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Friday, September 13, 2019

By Carkhabri Team

Protect Yourself From Heavy Fines For Violating Traffic Rules In India

Protect Yourself From Heavy Fines For Violating Traffic Rules In India

Implemented with an objective to minimize the number of road accidents and make people aware about the traffic rules and driving standards, the new traffic fines by the Ministry of Transportation, Government of India have created the feeling of threat among the Indian vehicle owners. Especially, after the news regarding the challan of Rs. 52,000 charged by a tractor driver in Gurugram for breaking ten of the traffic rules at the same time. This is just an illustration of the excessive penalty paid by a person for breaking the traffic rules, nowadays such stories are appearing as the headline on most of the newspapers. 
If you are also reading these stories, then you would have noticed most of the vehicle owners are charged a fine for not carrying the documents like driving license and registration certificate. Although, carrying these documents is mandatory for all the vehicle owners, but sometimes there are chances that you forget to carry these documents with you. In such a scenario you cannot protect yourself from being charged by the penalty if you are asked by the traffic authorities for showing these documents. 
Interestingly, nowadays going through the increasing use of digital copies there are certain mobile applications like DigiLocker and mParivahan that will reveal your personal data to the traffic authorities if you are not carrying any of these documents with you. Here, one thing which needs to be mentioned here more importantly, that when we talk about the digital copies of the documents uploaded on a mobile phone it doesn’t mean the picture of that particular document, but its original copy downloaded from the mobile application of that particular department.
Installing any of these applications is as easier as downloading any of the other applications from Google Play Store or App Store. So, now even if you forget these documents or your wallet at home using these applications you can show their virtual copies to the traffic police authorities and protect yourself from the burden of massive fine for violating the new traffic rules. 

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