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Friday, March 04, 2022

By CarKhabri Team

Protective Steps After Filling Wrong Fuel In Car

Protective Steps After Filling Wrong Fuel In Car

It might surprise you, but like humans, cars also follow a strict diet plan like vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Well, this is just a joke, but as a vegetarian person cannot eat non-vegetarian food and vice-versa, similarly putting the wrong fuel in your car by mistake is enough to make huge damage. Anyhow making a mistake is human nature, and therefore it is not a surprise that you filled the wrong fuel in your car. Although the chances of such an incident are less still, as the accident does not inform you before hitting, similarly, your car will not send you an alert on filling the wrong fuel.
Now, as you have noticed your mistake, this is the time to rectify it to protect yourself from hefty repairing expenses. So now, how to come out of the situation? Below are some tips for you to consider.
Don’t Switch on the Ignition: Once you have recognized that the wrong fuel is filled in your car, “Do Not Switch” on its ignition. This will not only protect your car from severe damage but also yourself from the expensive repairs. By doing this, the wrong fuel will not move to the engine and will stay at the same position in the fuel tank. Either take help from people at the petrol pump to shift your car to the safe location at the petrol pump or try to push it yourself. Now it's time to call the roadside assistance provider, and take your car to the service station.
What If You Have Driven The Car Before Understanding the Problem? Now as you have driven the car, it is obvious that the wrong fuel has almost moved to all components under the bonnet. After you recognize the problem, stop the car immediately at some safe place and call roadside assistance for necessary help. The damage will differ according to the distance you have travelled in the car. If you don’t recognize the problem, then you will notice some symptoms like smoke from the exhaust pipe, misfiring from the engine, and irregular acceleration. 
The Chances of Such a Mistake Are Less: It would be interesting to know, that the chances of happening such a mistake are very less. Because the nozzle used from filling the diesel cannot fit in the opener of the petrol car, and therefore the chances of filling the diesel in a petrol car are very less. The only possibility is filling the petrol in the diesel car. In that case, the chances of damage are also high. This is due to the density of petrol, which is thinner than diesel and therefore it moves fast to the internal components of the car.
It is therefore recommended to call the roadside assistance for necessary help and stop the car immediately if you have driven it, to some safe location.

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