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Monday, March 06, 2017

By Carkhabri Team

Relevance of Driving License and The Method of Obtaining It

Relevance of Driving License and The Method of Obtaining It

If you are driving any vehicle without license then not only you will be punished and penalized according to the traffic laws of your country, but might also be restricted from any vehicle for specified period. Because a driving license is a certificate that is issued by the traffic authorities of your state allowing you to drive a vehicle according to Motor Vehicle Act. Here it would be important to mention that driving license are issued according to the type of vehicle you are driving for instance you are riding a two wheeler then you will be allowed to drive any type of two wheeler across the country but you will not be able to drive any type of four wheeler.


To drive any four wheeler you will be required to apply for the license that is specified for four wheelers. Interestingly license for driving a four wheeler is granted according to the type of vehicle you are driving. For instance if you own a personal car then you will be given the license for driving a light weight vehicle but in case if you are driving a bus, a truck or any other big vehicle then you will be categorized under heavy weight vehicle driving license.


Driving License Sample


The process of obtaining driving license is completed in two steps. In the first step the applicant is issued the learner’s license for the first six months. After the expiry of six months the applicant has undergo the test drive before the driving license is issued to him.


Process of applying for Driving License:


As referred above to apply for permanent driving license the applicant is issued a learner license, so that he can get familiar with traffic conditions. To apply for learner license for the vehicle with 50cc engine the maximum age of applicant should be 16 years. To apply for this the applicant has to fill the prescribed application form issued by the Local Transport Office along with your birth certificate or certificate verifying your actual age, passport sized photo, proof of permanent residence, and a medical certificate from doctor revealing that he is physically fit to drive or ride a vehicle in the region.

After this the documents submitted by the applicant are cross-checked and the applicant has to undergo the learner’s test. After that the applicant is given a handbook related with traffic rules and regulations to understand them while driving any vehicle.


Driving License Apply Process


To apply for permanent license it is imperative for the applicant to apply within the period of six months, after the learner’s license was issued to him. Before, issuing the license he will have to undergo the test determined by the traffic authorities. Once he clears that test the driving license is issued to him.


Process of applying for International Driving Licence:

To request for International Driving License it is indispensable for the applicant to carry a permanent driving license with him issued by the local transport authorities. The validity of this license is mainly for a year. To obtain this license this they have to apply with the transport authorities of that specific country which he is visiting. For this he will be required to submit following documents.

1. Valid driving license

2. Attested copy of address proof

3. Attested copy of Birth Certificate

4. Valid passport

5. Valid Visa

6. Required Fees

7. Two passport size photograph.

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