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Friday, August 13, 2021

By CarKhabri Team

Roads Can Generate Natural Energy: A Lesson For India

Roads Can Generate Natural Energy: A Lesson For India

What will be your answer if someone asks you a question what is a good road to drive? Your answer would be simply a road without potholes and water clogging. But, if you ask the same question from an engineer or scientist, their reply will be different. Because apart from offering smooth driving conditions, roads can be the best source for developing clean energy.
It would be interesting to know that a Turkish company Devici Tech is working on developing a turbine named Enlil. This turbine is capable of generating energy from the vehicles running on the road. According to the sources, each turbine can generate one kilowatt of electricity every hour. This much of energy is enough for lightening two houses every day. To test the efficiency of these turbines, the engineers placed them on a road in Istanbul with excessive traffic. The combination of the air generated from the vehicles and the natural air helps in moving the blades of the turbine for developing energy. In this way, the highways are now becoming a source of generating renewable energy.
The Enlil has also an inbuilt panel that captures the energy from the sun. The turbine can be easily mounted and dismounted within a few minutes. That means depending upon the situation of the traffic the turbines and can be installed and removed. Each turbine is a versatile tool and equipped with a SMART system that is capable of measuring the levels of carbon dioxide, manage the system, detect earthquakes, and connect autonomous vehicles. This type of information is important for developing pollution maps, collecting data on weather, that is used by weather stations and research centres.
Well, it is not the first project initiated for the development of natural energy from the traffic on roads. Earlier an institute Technion Institute and Innowatech from Israel initiated a project named Energy Harvesting System back in 2012. The institute developed a device that collects the electricity from the pressure generated by the vehicles on road. In the words of Haim Abramovich, founder of Innowatech, “Our generators are built with piezoelectric material.” In his words, “It’s installed about five centimetres below the surface of the asphalt. The pressure of the vehicles is converted into electricity to satisfy the energy needs of the same highway.”
Coming back to the turbines developed by the Turkish company, that they don’t affect the environment. Moreover, as they are placed on median strips they don’t require any type of extra space. They don’t create any type of noise pollution and eliminates the use of electric cables.

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