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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

By Carkhabri Team

Safety Tips for taking care of Car during Rainy Seasons

Safety Tips for taking care of Car during Rainy Seasons

Long scorching summers are over and now its time to get relaxed from hot wind blows. The dull mists are not only there to bring raindrops, they likewise represent a few dangers to your automobile, particularly now that flood appears to normal issue all over the place. To help our readers adapt with the upcoming climate, we had prepared an automobile care tips list, so you can make sure that your vehicle is ready for rainy season as there is a famous American proverb which says “ Better to be safe than sorry.” 
Here are a couple of straightforward things to examine before you begin driving the vehicle and enjoy the rains to the fullest.
Check-up and servicing: Pre-Storm service is the most essential thing to try as your automotive has gone through hot heat during long drives throught the summertide. Thus it is imperative to make it prepared to face clogged, watery roads in serious traffic zones which falls naturally with the rains. Gurantee Safe drive throughout the Storm.
Aside from finishing a Pre-storm service done before the onset of a rainstorm and routinely checking of fluid level, you can also take following precautions: 
External Care:
Body: Rain water is mildly acidic and might damage your car's body and could start to wear off  due to prolonged exposure. To avoid this apply a good wax polish on your automobile. The wax will not only protect the paint, but also allow water to roll off easily. Lubing all the entryway pivots is additionally important. To anticipate rusting on uncovered metal parts, you can spray anti-moisture spray before the rains start.
Tyres: First and foremost, make sure that your car's tyres have a good amount of tread left on them by simply using a coin and checking if the depth is within safe limits usually 3-5mm, if tread is below 2mm then they ought to be changed as the tread design on your tires is the absolute most critical thing in the downpours that can keep you securely on the streets.Also carry a toolkit and a spare tyre for punctures, so that it can be used in emergencies. Lastly, make sure your wheels are legitimately adjusted to maintain a strategic distance from any awkwardness. If not get it done from a service center or a workshop.
Wiper Blades: The rubbers on wiper blades have a tendency to solidify additional time bringing about lessened adequacy. When your wipers begin slipping on the windscreen the time has come to get them changed, apart from giving a cloudy view, a terrible wiper leaves perpetual scratches on your windscreen.
Electronics: The rains can disrupt your car’s electrical systems get all the vital connections double-checked, for example wiring for the battery and the alternator for proper insulation. Make sure your automotives headlights, pointer lights and tail lights are working appropriately, so that other persons  and pedestrians can see you under overwhelming conditions. Change the bulbs which are not working as light is essential during monsoon season due to low visibility.
Leakages: Check the rubber covering on the gateways of your automotive, if they are coming loose or look as if they are out of shape, its time to get them replaced. Water will simply begin oozy through once it rains.Same applies to the rubber covering on the sunroof.
Internal Care:
Air Conditioner: Check the air conditioning in your car is working properly or not, if its not working properly consider refilling gas in the compressor. During rainy season air conditioner does the cooling in the cabin.
Foot Pedals: Before going out for a long drive you should also check your car's foot pedals. If the rubber covers on them have drained out, you ought to get them replaced, as foot pedals have a bent to slide when you are driving with wet footwear.
Floor Carpets: During the rainy season, rain water seeps into the cabin and damage flooring and carpet so clean the cabin using vaccum cleaner on a regular basis. This will help you to keep the cabin free of odor. 
Get a car perfume: Foul smell is actually a headache for the automobile lovers during the monsoon. Dampness makes mold which is not hygienic either. Humidity worsens the situation. So always keep a good pleasant smelling perfume in the car.
These are the tips that you ought to take to keep your automotive in good condition during rainstorm season and to accomplish safe drive.

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