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Friday, February 07, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

Should The Rear Windshield Wipers Be Legalized In Country?

Should The Rear Windshield Wipers Be Legalized In Country?

In recent years various new features have been introduced in the cars which not only make them more comfortable than their predecessors but also safer. The integration of rear windshield wipers is one such safety feature that plays an important role in providing a clear vision of the rear traffic during heavy rains and fog. Going through this benefit nowadays the top trims of the new vehicles are equipped with rear windshield wipers. The functioning of this wiper is the same as wipers installed on the front windshield and clean the glass during rains, snowfall or developing of dust on the rear windshield.
The only difference between the front and rear windshield wipers is that where the former has two wipers the later has only a single wiper that cleans the whole windshield. The wiper is equipped with a motor that moves the wiper in a single direction. The wiper is integrated on the hatch or the liftgate of the vehicle.
Car Rear Wipers
Well, now the question arises that should the rear windshield wipers be legalized within the country as a mandatory safety feature? Before answering this question, it is imperative that the wiper should be in working conditions. It is seen that there are lots of vehicles which have either broken wiper or non-functioning wiper. Keeping this factor in concern, some states have made it necessary for the rear windshield wipers to be in working condition in the vehicles on which they are installed. There are some states where the vehicle owners must get the damaged rear wiper repaired or replaced and make it ready for use before taking for the annual inspection. While some states do not pay any attention to their inspection.
Anyhow, the rules regarding the necessity of rear windshield wiper changes according to state traffic rules, the functioning of the wiper is important for controlling the number of accidents happening due to their absence. Because the absence of rear wipers makes it difficult for the drivers to get a clear view of the traffic behind their vehicle during the rainy season.

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