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Friday, July 31, 2020

By CarKhabri Team

Simple Tips To Maintain Good Condition of Your Car’s Tire

Simple Tips To Maintain Good Condition of Your Car’s Tire

With changing time the technology of tire manufacturing has undergone vast changes and today they are manufactured after undergoing complicated treading processes by checking them under natural driving conditions through computers. According to industry experts, an idol tire offers fuel efficiency, proper control over steering, wears slowly, and offers comfort driving. However, the overall performance of tires mainly depends on your driving habits and also on the condition of roads on which you have to drive regularly.
Below are some tips that will help you in retaining the good condition of the tires installed in your car.
1 Retain required pressure in tires: Get the pressure of tires checked regularly to enjoy smooth driving and good fuel efficiency. It is a proven truth that the good condition of the tires enhances their life. The inflated tires will need more power to move, put extra pressure on the engine, and offer less fuel efficiency. Similarly, the excess of pressure in tires can also dangerous for you especially while going on long drives. Due to excessive pressure, the air inside the tire may heat and expand,  resulting in a burst.
2 Tire Rotation: Rotating the tires regularly after every 8,000 kms will help in retaining the good health of tires for a long time. The tires should be rotated in a cross-pattern for both front and rear axels.
3 Check the Tread of Tires: The newly manufactured tires have a tread depth of 8mm and as time passes and they move the tread starts wearing. However, while driving make sure that the tread does not go below 1.6mm. Whenever you get time also do check the uneven tread of tires by moving your hand across the tire.
4 Some Dos and Dont’s:
  • Don’t use tires manufactured by different manufacturers, always install tires of the same make.
  • Try to use brake according to traffic conditions and don’t brake hard when driving.
  • Get the tires aligned regularly from time to time.
  • Never speed up the car as soon as you switch on its ignition, as accelerating the car at high-speed results in damage.

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