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Friday, December 06, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

Some Facts To Know Before The Installation Of FASTag

Some Facts To Know Before The Installation Of FASTag

The use of FASTag to simplify the process of toll collection at the toll plaza the government of India has made the use of FASTag mandatory from December 15, 2019. The use of FASTag is believed to help in protecting the people from getting stuck in the long lanes of traffic jams at the toll plazas. Moving ahead, the use of FASTag is believed to encourage the digital transactions at the toll plaza, but also minimize the problem of cash payments.
Anyhow, before you install the FASTag on your car and get familiar with the payment process and it's working, here are some guidelines for you to keep in concern.
Features of FASTag:
1. It is an RFID passive tag that will be used only for making the payments at the toll plaza directly from the prepaid or the current/savings account of the vehicle owner. It will be mounted on the windscreen and facilitates them to cross the toll plaza without staying at the toll plaza for a long time.
2. The amount of the toll will be directly taken from the linked bank account of the vehicle owner. The FASTag sticker installed on one vehicle cannot be affixed on the other vehicle.
3. The FASTags are available at all the National Electronic Toll Collection and also from the banks related to NETC.
FASTag Collection
How to stick the FASTag on the windscreen of your car?
1. Remove the adhesive liner from the FASTag sticker.
2. Stick the FASTag at the center on the top middle of the windshield from inside or behind the rearview mirror.
3. Firmly press the sticker on the windshield.
4. Keep the adhesive side of the FASTag sticker facing outside.
5. Once you have affixed the sticker, do not try to relocate or remove it.
Some tips that should not be followed while affixing the sticker. 
1. Don’t try to stick the FASTag sticker on dirty or wet glass.
2. If the adhesive applied on the FASTag is insufficient and creates the problem in fixing the sticker, get it replaced by the issuing authority at the earliest.
3. Do not try to stick the FASTag through cellotape or any other adhesive.
4. Do not try to reposition the FASTag.

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