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Friday, September 20, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

Some Lesser Known Facts About Tata Motors

Some Lesser Known Facts About Tata Motors

The name of domestic car maker Tata Motors is an established name in the world of the  international auto industry and do not requires any introduction to introduce itself to the community. Recently, the group launched India’s first sports car named as Racemo under its sub-brand TAMO. Besides, launching a plethora of passenger vehicles the group also owns the pride of launching various commercial  vehicles, including first CNG bus in India, Hydrogen fuel cell bus and various electric and hybrid buses. The trio of trucks Prima, Ultra and Signa, manufactured by the group not only dominate the Indian roads, but also the international highways. The recent name to make its entry in the family of trucks manufactured by the group is Ace, which, despite of being small in size, is playing an important role in exploring the business of small business operators.
Well, the facts mentioned above are well known facts by almost the whole world, but there are some hidden facts about which not many of us know about the Tata Motors. Some of these facts are mentioned below:
1. The corner stone of the Tata Motors was laid 74 years back in 1945, when it was named as Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO).
2. In the beginning the trucks manufactured by the group were sold with the logo of Mercedes logo due to technical collaboration with Daimler Benz.
Tata Trucks With Mercedes Logo
3. Today the trucks manufactured by the group are exported to more than 45 countries. The first fleet of the trucks was exported to Sri Lanka (called as Ceylon) back in 1961.
First Fleet of Trucks To Sri Lanka In 1961
4. It would be interesting to know that in 1955 three of the trucks manufactured by the company participated in the Geneva-Bombay rally and covered the distance of 8,000 miles without breaking down.
5. The first truck rolled out from the production unit of the company with Tata logo, replacing the three pointed star of Mercedes was back in 1969.
6. The first multi-utility vehicle manufactured by the company was Tata Sumo, that was named after the company’s former MD Mr. Sumant Moolgaokar.
Tata Sumo Front Low View
7. The first car manufactured  by the company using the Indian technology was Indica.
8. The group also supplies fully armoured combat vehicles to the Indian Army.
 We  are sure that these hidden facts will definitely help in enhancing your knowledge about the domestic car maker Tata Motors.

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