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Friday, July 28, 2017

By CarKhabri Team

Some Necessary Spare Parts that Should Accompany You while Traveling in Car

Some Necessary Spare Parts that Should Accompany You while Traveling in Car

Emergency do not knocks your door before arriving. You are driving smoothly back to your home and suddenly you notice that one of the wheels of your car is punctured. Now as your house is quite away from the place and also as there is no mechanic at the place to repair the puncture, you get tensed that how you will reach to home as you do not have spare wheel in your car. 
Well, this is just an illustration there might be various issues that might happened with you while driving and in absence of necessary spare parts you might face problem during odd hours. So, now the question arises that what are the necessary spare parts which you should always keep ready with you in your car while driving.
Car Tool Kit
1. Spare Wheel: However, a spare wheel is provided by the car maker but sometimes while cleaning the interior lots of people forget to keep it back and face the problem at the time of urgency. To avoid any such problem it is better to always keep the spare wheel in the car as soon as you clean the interiors. But keeping the spare is not enough to help you at the time of an urgent situation. Also make sure that the tyre is properly inflated, the pressure is up-to the desired level and the tyre is neither broken and nor punctured.
2. Jack: Jack constitutes an important accessory for replacing the punctured tyre and therefore along with additional wheel it is imperative to carry a jack also along with you. Today there are different types of jacks being sold in market including bottle jack, hydraulic jack etc. The jack is mainly placed at the bootlid of the vehicle along with the tyre.
3. Reflective Jacket: The problem in your car may arise any time without any concern of day or night. Rectifying any issue in the car during day time on the roadside cannot be a big problem, but due to lack of visibility a little mistake can result in loss of life. To avoid any serious issue during night it would be better to use reflective jackets so that other drivers on the road can get glimpse of your presence from far distance. The jacket is not only protects the person but is also weather resistant. The jacket should be place at some suitable place so that it can be easily accessed at the time of necessity.
4. Warning Triangle: Whenever there is necessity of parking or stopping vehicle at the roadside to rectify any issue, it is important to bring the same in the notice of drivers coming from far distance. Therefore to make them aware about your parking near the road it would be better to place warning triangle reflectors at the roadside. These triangles are fluorescent and bright in colors. The reflective tape reflects the sunlight during the day time where as during the night it reflects the headlights.
Warning Triangle
5. First Aid Kit: Carrying the first aid kit is helpful in covering the wounds in case of minor accidents, but is also helpful in protective treatment of every person traveling in the car in case of emergency. The first aid kit should carry band aids, sterile solution, bug sprays, ointments, hand sanitizer, resuscitation mask and few more items.
6. Spare Headlamps: Although the chances of headlamps fusing while driving are very less but still carrying the set of spare headlamps can be regarded as the smart way to avoid any problem in driving at the night time due to lack of sufficient light.
Headlamp Bulb
7. Spanners: The spanners for tightening the different bolts of the car are available in different shapes and sizes and therefore it is better to carry kit of spanners to avoid any issue related with them.
8. Fire Extinguisher: In recent years there has been an increase in number of cases when the car got fired while driving due to high temperature or due to any issue in battery or electrical fittings. Sometimes even smashes with other vehicles might also result to fire. To control such accidents carrying a small fire extinguisher is helpful in controlling the spread of fire to huge extent.

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