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Friday, December 29, 2017

By CarKhabri Team

Some Wrong Belief’s Related With Filling Fuel In The Car

Some Wrong Belief’s Related With Filling Fuel In The Car

Enjoying high fuel efficiency is one of the common expectations which every car owners wishes to enjoy from his vehicle, especially in the current scenario when prices of fuel across the world are hiking at jet dynamic speed people driving different cars across the world prefer to buy a vehicle that is fuel efficient. Interestingly besides this they are also keen to adopt all those measures which are helpful in enhancing the fuel efficiency of the car owned by them. As an impact of this sometimes they even get themselves deceived by myths which are rumored to benefit other segments of the auto industry rather than offering them substantial fuel efficiency from their vehicle.
If you are also among such car owners then it would be better for you to go through the myths referred below and see whether you also follow them or not to enjoy greater fuel efficiency from your car.
Filling Fuel
1. Power or speed fuel will offer you better fuel efficiency: While you go to filling station, apart from standard petrol and diesel you would have found other fuel option christened with alluring words like speed, power, premium etc. The price of this fuel is normally higher than the regular petrol or diesel that you fill in your vehicle, which is mainly because of the clarity and less combustion offered by them. Surprisingly it is just the belief because all these fuel options have to meet the same parameters.
2. Filling fuel in the morning: It is universal myth that filling the fuel in morning time fills extra percentage of fuel in the morning, because fuel expands as an impact of heat. This although is true but it has nothing to do with the quantity of fuel filled in your car, because the fuel stored in tanks at fuel stations is generally below the ground and at the place the increasing temperature of the day do not affects its density. Therefore you can fill fuel in your vehicle during any hour of the day without any concern.
3. The range readings delivered by the car are wrong: Although the fuel meter reveals the information about the fuel available in the fuel tank, the range readings revealed by the car calculated on the longer term driving style. There might be some differences in the readings but anyhow it doesn’t mean that the readings are wrong.
4. Driving at high speed delivers improved fuel efficiency: This again is the common myth due to which lots of drivers drive at high speed on the highways. The fact is that there is not any such criteria which enhances the efficiency of the fuel at high speed, on the contrary it affects the mechanism of your vehicle and increases the chances of an unfortunate accident.
So now if you also believe on any of the myths referred below it would be better to come out from their aura and start driving your vehicle normally.

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