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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

By Carkhabri Team

Take care of your car before going for long drive during rainy season

Take care of your car before going for long drive during rainy season

Mansoon Guide

“Prevention is better than Cure”

This is one of the common lines which you would have read while driving on road, especially on high ways. The reason behind this logic is that a little mistake in driving might pull you towards death, anyhow even if you succeed in survive you might be in position to never drive again in future. It is therefore necessary for every person to drive his vehicle under control so as to avoid any kind unfortunate situation.
Here it would be important to remember that this precaution should not only be followed only at the time of driving, but it equally applies towards the maintenance of your vehicle. Because if your vehicle is in proper condition you will succeed in retaining proportional control over your vehicle on time, but if there is any mistake in your vehicle then it becomes imperative on your part to get the issue resolved at the earliest. The responsibility of looking after condition of your vehicle increases more during rainy season when due to heavy rains there is water clogging and a little ignorance might interrupt your travel.
Now, as the monsoon has hit Indian shores today we are bringing you some important tips which you should follow to avoid any kind of trouble while travelling somewhere in your car.
1. Rusting is one of the common problems which arises due to collection of water on different parts of your car. To get rid of this problem it would be better to make use of anti rust spray throughout the body of your car. Moreover you can also carry some spare parts like wires, fuses etc to look after any problem. Before going out in dark it would be better to look after fog lamps, coil terminals, ignition system also.
2. Check the level of brake oil to retain appropriate control on brakes. If it is below the determined level get it top up and if it is not able to continue the existing oil, get it replaced with new oil.
3. Wipers are one of the important parts of car. The relevance of wipers increases when you have to drive car under extreme rainy season. The proper working condition of wipers offers you clear vision of road, especially during rainy nights. Make sure the blades of wipers are in appropriate condition and they are working effectively after switching them on.

Mansoon Guide - Car Wipers
4. Look after the conditions of your car tyres and their pressure. Do not forget to carry a spare tire with you so as to replace it in case if your car gets punctured.  Also look after the pressure of tyres because due to low pressure while driving through water logged areas you car might get puncture.
Mansoon Guide - Monitor Tyre Pressure
5. If you enter in your car with wet shoes, try to get them dried at the earliest. Because with wet shoes you will not be able to retain control on brake pedals appropriately.
6. If you are driving through water logged areas try to drive car at first gear and keep pressing accelerator to avoid any kind of water entrance in the exhaust pipe of your car.

Mansoon Guide - Car in Logged Area
7. If you find that interiors of your car are wet try to get them dry by opening windows after reaching back to your home. Also do not park your car inside the garage as due to heat and humidity fungus may emerge on the interiors of your car.

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