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Monday, November 19, 2012

By Carkhabri Team

Tata Aria to undergo image correction, relaunch soon

Tata Aria to undergo image correction, relaunch soon

The Tata Aria crossover has not seen much daylight since its launch in 2010 and now that car maker has decided to give a second change to prove itself. First it was considered over priced and Tata launched the less priced version but then also it did not pick up. Now as per the latest reports, the car maker is soon to launch the new Aria. Now it is to be seen whether the new Aria will be to transform the image of this SUV and will it be able to derive car buyers in enough numbers to the Tata showrooms. If that happens, the car will survive otherwise some experts believe that Tata could think of not experimenting more with the Aria.

Tata Aria Pictures

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There is much brainstorming going on in the Tata group regarding the Aria just like it is for the Tata Nano, it seems. Now that the car maker is ready to launch the new Aria, there are a lot of possible changes to be seen on the car as well as on the price list of it. Currently the Aria range starts at Rs 9.95 lakh and goes upto Rs 16.56 lakh for the Tata Aria Pride which is the fully loaded model and has cruise control, 6 sir bags and ESP. as part of the image changes or the ‘image corrections’ as it is widely known, the Aria will have a new price ordering and new features and realignment of the features could be in place. Meanwhile, some reports suggest that there will be some design changes on the cards as well.

Tata Aria Pictures

See More Tata Aria Photos Get Tata Aria Price

The Aria competes with Toyota Innova despite being a crossover but the effort seems to have gone in vain as it was unable to attempt any damage to the Innova sales. So it is to be seen as to what miracle Tata plans in the garb of image correction to get the Aria on track and have some decent sales figures monthly. It is to be seen that how far the new policy could take this Tata SUV.

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