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Friday, February 22, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

The Darker Side Of Highways In India

The Darker Side Of Highways In India

Despite of the fact that India is one of the biggest car markets in the world and stands 3rd among the countries having a large road network, but, unfortunately, at the same time, it also has a darker side, which is not less than a curse for the Indian roads. According to the reports, every year number of people dying in road accidents is increasing, which is a matter of the concern for the Ministry of Transportation. The gloomy part of people dying in these accidents is that most of them were the only sole earning member of their family. Commenting on the concern of an increasing number of accidents on the Indian roads, Mr. Ravi Gaikwad, RTO, Chief of Mumbai Borivali “in the majority of road accidents the causes which lead to causalities would have been easily prevented or controlled by implementing simple guidelines and checks that curb unsafe practices”. 
An accident at the highway
The worrisome matter of increasing number of deaths in road accidents is that all this is happening despite of various strict rules and regulations implemented by the government for controlling the emergence of such incidences. Mr. Ravi Gaikwad, an IPS officer who has been the head of the investigation team deputed for such cases has pointed out the reasons which are major attributes for the increasing number of accidents. Some of these reasons are referred below:
The infrastructure of the roads: Although, we own the largest road network across the world, but, once the road is constructed no attention is paid towards its maintenance, except the roads for which the toll tax is charged from the commuters. If the condition of roads is improved and proper attention is paid towards their maintenance, there will be a substantial decline in the number of road accidents.
Over Speeding: The problem of driving at high speed is undoubtedly the major reason for the increasing number of deaths in road accidents. As there are no traffic signals and traffic authorities to control the traffic, the people, especially the youths drive harshly and fail to control their vehicle in case of an emergency.
Lack of safety measures: One more important reason which is seen responsible for accidents is non following of the traffic rules with drivers and riders not putting the seat belts, helmets, etc. Along with this the improper maintenance of the vehicles also plays a crucial role in accidents.
Environmental factors: The atmospheric conditions like fog, rain, snow, gusty winds, etc, reduce visibility and also make the roads slippery. Thus, resulting, an increase in the number of accidents. 
Driving and drinking: According to the Mr. Gaikwad, it is seen that most of the people do not hesitate in drinking while driving, which directly increases the chances of accidents, resulting in the death of people, sometimes the innocent ones. 
In the words of Mr. Gaikwad, “for all the above reasons a lot to be done by everyone, not just government and authorities. He also added just by following traffic rules and driving safely on the road we can reduce up to 50% of these accidents there on deaths. This will happen not just by implementing rules via law and order but also via sensitization among masses around road safety in India”. 
It would be interesting to know that with an objective to make the people aware about the safety rules and safe driving practices, Mr. Gaikwad has initiated a campaign “Shant Bharat Surakshit Bharat” to control the increasing number of accidents.

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