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Friday, September 06, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

Three Interesting Accessories That Could Captivate Your Old Car

Three Interesting Accessories That Could Captivate Your Old Car

We live in a world where new technological developments are coming up at the jet dynamic speed that the techniques which are introduced six months turn outdated within the span of six months. Some of the industries that are witnessing these changes frequently are mobile phone industry, television industry, auto industry and few more. Going through this trend sometimes the situation becomes quite irritating for the owners of these items who find themselves cheated when they see the upgraded version of the same item purchased by them few months back.
But, as it is not possible to re-sales these expensive items they are compelled to enjoy the benefits offered by the devices owned by them. However, there are exceptions where the owners of these products upgrade their existing products by selling them in the market of the used products. This, however is stagnated only to mobile phone and television, and not include the cars, because the priced offered for selling the old car is not enough to help them in buying the new one. And therefore, they have to continue with their existing car.
Interestingly, now they need not have to compromise with their desires of enjoying the new features offered in the newly launched version of their car, as today the market is flooded with the cost effective accessories that could be installed in the old cars and helpful in making them equivalent to the new cars. If you also own a car that is four to five years old then there are some accessories that could give you the privilege of enjoying the new features that are offered in the car parked next your existing car.
USB Charger: You will agree that nowadays smartphones have become the lifeline of today’s generation and therefore going through this reasons the car manufacturers are integrating the facility of in-built USB charger in the car so that you stay connected with your friends and the world even while driving.  Therefore, integrating the USB charger in your old car will can be regarded as an interesting update and thus, going through budget and requirement you can install the one in your car.
USB Charging Port
Rear View Camera: This can be regarded as a  boon for the drivers while reversing the car. In-fact, it would not be wrong to say that after using the rear view camera you will realize the problem and pain which the drivers of the stone age would have realized while reversing their car. Installing this camera will not only make the car reversing easier for you and minimize the chances of an accident, but at the same time also help you in parallel parking.
Bluetooth: It would not be wrong to say that installing the Bluetooth in your car will change your life to a huge extent. To integrate the Bluetooth facility in your car, you just need to have an auxiliary audio input, after which just let the rear seat passengers to control the audio system according to their wish. Today, you can find multifarious Bluetooth device that will help you retain control on various facilities like audio, telephone, navigation, etc.

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