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Friday, November 15, 2019

By CarKhabri Team

Tips For Cleaning The Car From Inside

Tips For Cleaning The Car From Inside

Being a car owner, you will agree that cleaning a car, whether it is from outside or inside is always a daunting task, especially when you have to clean it from the inside. Because, while cleaning from outside you just need to clean the visible stains, but there are lots of small points inside the car which are not only difficult to clean, but there are chances of bacteria affecting your health that develop due to the emergence of dust and debris. If you are finding it difficult to clean your car from inside, then below are some simple tips that are helpful not only in cleaning your car but also sparkling it.
1. Vacuum Cleaner: There are lots of people who feel that cleaning the interior of a car with a piece of cloth is enough to clean all the dust and debris properly, surprisingly doing this in the wrong way to remove the dust. For proper cleaning, you need to buy a small vacuum cleaner developed strictly for cleaning the interior of the car. The cleaner works the same as the vacuum cleaner used in the home for removing the dust from all the corners and furniture.
2. Clear the trash: Well, before you start using the vacuum cleaner, have a look at the items like wrappers, toys, bottles, hidden inside the seats, floor, and different cracks. Therefore, before you start cleaning the interior with the vacuum cleaner, make sure that you take out all the stuff from your car.
3. Vacuuming the seats: Before vacuuming the floor, start from the seats including both the front and back seats. You can use the vacuum cleaner at every place where it is easy to take the nozzle, for instance, the pedals and also the rubber-mounted on the sides of the doors.
Using the Vacuum Cleaner
4. Use the cloth: Now, once you have vacuumed the car, take a piece of cloth wet in water and start rubbing the stubborn stains appearing on the steering wheel, buttons of various accessories, on the meter box, etc. For this, you can make use of car-specific cleaner and spray a few drops from it on the place you want to clean, after that rub the place with a piece of cloth.
Using the Cloth
5. Cleaning the windows: Spray the window cleaner liquid on the window and clean the windows with a paper towel or with the help of a microfiber cloth, that smoothly cleans the glass.
Cleaning the Windows
6. Cleaning the pet fur: If you have a pet at home and accompany you everywhere you go, then there are chances that the fur from his body will be falling inside your car. If you are not able to remove all the pet fur use a balloon filled with air and rub it on the seats for creating static electricity and help in cleaning the pet fur.
Cleaning the Pet Fur
Following these simple steps will help you in cleaning the interior of your car without any complexity.

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